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NEC Announces World's First USB2.0 Hub Controller LSI

- Expands Connections Options with Complete Hub Solution -

[The Worlds's First USB2.0 Hub Controller LSI (uPD720110) and Physical Layer LSI (uPD720120)]
"The Worlds's First USB2.0 Hub Controller
LSI ([myu]PD720110) and Physical Layer LSI ([myu]PD720120)"

TOKYO June 13th, 2000 - NEC Corporation (NEC) (NASDAQ: NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.l) begins sampling from today of the world's first hub controller LSI for the new high bandwidth USB2.0 (universal serial bus) serial interface, providing a total hub solution for peripherals manufacturers.

Together with its new hub controller LSI, NEC also begins sampling from today of the [myu]PD720120 USB2.0 physical layer (PHY) device for customers to develop peripheral applications in areas such as audio, storage and imaging. Together, the two new devices enhance the range of USB2.0 solutions NEC is now offering customers.

The new USB2.0 hub controller LSI ([myu]PD720110) supports the split transaction scheme utilized by the new serial bus standard through an onboard transaction translator. The split transaction scheme ensures that USB1.1 devices connected to the hub's downstream ports operate within a USB1.1 environment for up to 12 megabits per second bandwidth, while USB2.0 devices operate in the 480 Mbps USB2.0 environment to achieve optimal overall connection speeds.

With a physical layer (PHY) function also integrated into the new hub controller, the device only requires the addition of a power supply switching circuit to realize a fully functional USB2.0 hub. This enables easy integration of USB2.0 functionality by systems manufacturers into high-performance, easy-to-use peripherals, and enables an expanded number of connections for support of up to 127 devices.

The [myu]PD720110 hub controller LSI follows the world's first USB2.0 host controller LSI ([myu]PD720100) announced by NEC in April, expanding the solutions options for systems manufacturers as they introduce the USB2.0 high-speed serial bus to the personal computer industry. The high-performance serial bus offers an enhanced user experience, with 480Mbps bandwidth, 40 times that of USB1.1, and the ability to connect/disconnect peripherals without the need to power down the machine or for complicated software installations.

USB2.0 is expected to penetrate to more than half of PCs sold by mid-2001, thanks to this enhanced user experience, and it is being actively promoted to systems manufacturers by the USB2.0 Promoters Group of which NEC is a core member.

With growing need for ease-of-use in PCs and the emerging strength of demand for high-performance multimedia peripherals such as DVD-ROM drives, video cameras, printers and broadband Internet connections, NEC sees USB2.0 as a key market for its electron device solutions business. The company's world first launch of two key products in this area is anticipated to give it a leading market share in this important sector.


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