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*****For immediate use October 4th, 2000

NEC expands its alliance with HP of an IA-64 server and its operating system

TOKYO, October 4th, 2000 - NEC Corporation (NEC) (NASDAQ: NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.l) today announced an agreement with Hewlett-Packard Company(HP) for IA-64 (Intel Architecture 64) server alliance expanding upon previous relations between two companies.

The agreement includes;

  • NEC supplies its16 way ItaniumTM server (Code name AzusA) to HP as an OEM basis and HP will market AzusA world wide as a product in its family of HP9000 enterprise servers.

  • HP develops and supplies its UNIX operating system (HP-UX) for IA-64.

  • Collaboration of enhancement of HP-UX for AzusA including high-availability, diagnostics and performance optimization.

NEC's strength lies in its high performance and high reliability technology based on its main frame and supercomputer development experience. NEC has been strategically focusing on planning and marketing IA-64 server product as it foresaw that IA-64 will be the main-stream processor for future server platforms due to projected superior performance and price competitiveness.

HP excels in its UNIX and IA-64 architecture technology and it drives further its IA-64 strategy to secure IA-64 HP-UX market leadership.

This alliance combines the strengths of both companies to create technical partnership to drive IA-64 product readiness and to secure HP-UX as an IA-64 UNIX market leader.

The AzusA server which plays key part in this alliance, employs the next generation Intel Itanium TM processor whose architecture was developed by HP and Intel Corporation, and NEC developed chip set which provides optimum performance in 16CPU ItaniumTM Processor server. AzusA is the world's leading 16-way ItaniumTM server and is the first server with proven capabilities to scale beyond four ItaniumTM CPUs.

In 1995, NEC has started the alliance with HP for large scale UNIX server solutions. Since then, the areas of the alliance have been expanded to include OEM of HP's server line, collaboration in server hardware and HP-UX development including IA-64 support towards the mission-critical area.

With this agreement, NEC aims to expand the distribution of its UNIX server technology out side Japan to the world wide market place by providing AzusA as a part of the HP 9000 Enterprise Server product line and aims to acquire a higher portion of the upcoming IA-64 server market.

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