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NEC to Begin Sales of 61-inch Jumbo Plasma Display Monitor

- Beginning sales from July 23rd -

61inch Plasma Display PX-61XM1
"61inch Plasma Display PX-61XM1"

TOKYO June 11, 2001 - NEC Corporation (NEC) (NASDAQ: NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.l) (TSE: 6701) today announced it will begin sales in Japan from July 23rd of the industry's biggest sized plasma display monitor. With a panel size of 61-inches (diagonal 155cm), the jumbo-sized plasma monitor is aimed to meet the growing demand coming from the business and educational sectors for large size screens. NEC plans to expand sales into the European and American markets soon after, expecting to sell 8,000 units of the PX-61XM1 (Product named: PlasmaSync 61 MP1) by March 2002.

NEC, through using the latest plasma display production facilities and through the development of excellent surface uniformity large-size panel production technology, has led the field since 1998 when they commenced mass production of the world's first production line capable of producing two 42-inch PDP panels from a single mother glass. With this large-size plasma display technology NEC will be the first company to take the 61-inch jumbo-size screen from the prototype stage into mass production.

. The plasma module used for the new big screen has a peak brightness of 600cd/m2 (panel based). It has contrast levels in bright light of 60:1, providing the highest specifications in the industry for its size.

In addition, the luminance efficiency has been improved through reexamination of the cell structure and drive system, and as a result, a substantial electric power consumption decrease of 30% has been achieved.

The new model which features a 1.05 million pixel monitor (1,365 by 768 pixels) with pixel pitch of 0.99mm and a screen area approx. 10, 267cm2, provides high resolution outputs suitable for reproduction of detailed materials such as CAD/CAM diagrams. To support the PX-61XM1's monitor, NEC teamed up with nVIDIA Corporation to develop a new chip, which makes full display of the wide XGA (1360 by 708 pixels) and VGA (848 by 480 pixels) possible and enables CAD/CAM detailed material to be displayed accurately without image stretch. The huge screen size (equivalent to 4 units of 32 inch CRT based wide TV/display) also makes it ideal for mid-sized conference room and educational presentations, as well as for surveillance purpose screens. On top of this, aiming to offer high-tech alternatives to whiteboards and projectors used for presentations, NEC will further add touch panel functionality to the 61-inch plasma display with SMART Board TM developed by SMART technologies Inc.

The 61-inch display has been equipped with many features that are expected to make it popular in the home theatre market as well. These features include: a cinema mode "2-3 Pull Down" function for high vision 1080i, and the newly developed digital signal processor (DSP) that can convert interlaced input to progressive scan input on the fly, enabling a great improvement in picture quality.

NEC currently produces the 42-inch and 50-inch narrow bezel, multi-screen as part of its Public Media Display series. 50-inch plasma displays were until now the industry's largest, however, with the increasing demand for plasma displays larger than 50-inch, especially in the business and educational sectors, NEC has expanded its line up with the 61-inch jumbo-size screen to meet its customers needs.

NEC places the highest importance on making their products environmentally friendly and the new 61-in jumbo plasma display monitor is no exception. The front panel is made using PC/HIPS alloy resins containing no halogen-type flame retardant and the paint applied is almost 100% free of organic solvents. In addition, use of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy means 90% of the case (mass ratio) is able to be recycled.

The new NEC 61-inch model can been seen at the "INFOCOMM" exhibitions held in the USA (June 13th - 15th) and in Japan (August 29th - 31st).

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