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Recipients and Their Achievements

Group A

Dr. Takuo Sugano (Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Toyo University)

[Fundamental and pioneering contributions to advances in ULSI ultra-high-speed solid-state electronics]

Dr. Sugano has made a leading contribution to research in the semiconductor field through his achievements in theoretical and experimental elucidation of the characteristics of the basic technologies of modern LSI circuits: the metal, oxide film, and semiconductor, such as the characteristics between the oxide film and the silicon surface, as well as those of the oxide film itself.

Group B

Dr. Alan C. Kay (President, Viewpoints Research Institute, Inc.)

[As the originator of the personal computer and the architect of the modern windowing GUI, as well as the inventor of Object Oriented Programming and promoter of computer-based education for children, Dr. Kay has made pioneering contributions to both C&C technology and the development of society and culture]

In the 1960s, Dr. Kay introduced the concept of the personal computer. In the 1970s, he conceived the "Dynabook", a book-sized computer as easy to use as pen and paper, and then developed an effective windowing GUI and object-oriented programming language to facilitate interaction. He is now working on computer development with the aim of bringing the digital world to children.


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