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Outline of Foundation for C&C Promotion Activities

The Foundation for C&C Promotion was established as a nonprofit foundation in March, 1985, with the aim of fostering further growth in the electronics industry by encouraging and supporting research and development activities in the field of computers and communication (C&C). All funds for the Foundation for C&C Promotion are donated by NEC Corporation.

To achieve its aim, the Foundation for C&C Promotion undertakes activities in the form of public recognition, research subsidies, and surveys.

In the case of the first activity, the Foundation presents C&C Prizes to distinguished persons for outstanding research and development in the C&C field or for research in the social aspects of this field.
The C&C Prize is in general awarded to no more than two groups annually (with no more than 3 people per group), and all candidates are highly distinguished both nationally and internationally.
Each recipient is given a certificate, a medal and a cash award (10,000,000 yen for each group).
In the past 16 years 33 groups totaling 55 individuals (35 foreign nationals and 20 Japanese nationals) have received this award.

With regard to research subsidies, the Foundation grants the following three kinds of subsidies to researchers.
The first kind is subsidies to researchers in Japan to help them attend international conferences overseas to make a presentation. The researchers that have thus far received subsidies for this purpose number 1,140.
The second kind is subsidies to foreign researchers engaged in research at universities or research institutes in Japan. A total of 135 researchers from China, Korea, and other countries have now received this subsidy.
The third kind is subsidies for young researchers who have just shifted to a different university in Japan after receiving their degree. In all seven young researchers had received this subsidy up until the end of the previous fiscal year.

The Foundation takes pride in its record of assisting researchers in this way.

The Foundation is also involved in conducting surveys on the effect of C&C on our society and culture.


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