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*****For immediate use September 20th, 2001

NEC Foundation for C&C Promotion Announces Recipients of 2001 C&C Prize

Dr. Alan C. KayDr. Takuo Sugano
"Dr. Alan C. Kay / Dr. Takuo Sugano"

TOKYO September 20th, 2001 - NEC Foundation for C&C Promotion today announced that the 2001 C&C Prize had been awarded to two individuals in two groups for their outstanding contributions to semiconductor device and information processing technology.

The C&C Prize started in 1985 and is awarded to distinguished persons in recognition of outstanding contributions to research and development in the fields of semiconductors, computers and telecommunications, and their integrated technologies (Integration of Computers and Communications) or research in the social aspects of these fields. Recipients of this award receive a certificate of merit, a medal, and a cash award (10,000,000 yen for each group).

The recipients of the 2001 C&C Prize and their award-winning contributions are introduced below.

Dr. Takuo Sugano (Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo, chairman of the board of trustees of Toyo University)
Dr. Sugano has made major contributions to the realization of high-reliability, high-speed LSIs through his elucidation (in theory and by way of experiment) of the physical phenomena that occur in the oxide film and surface of the semiconductor elements that form the basis of today's digital circuits. He has also made great contributions to this field as pioneering research leader. It is for these contributions that he has been chosen as the recipient of this award.

Dr. Alan C. Kay (President of Viewpoints Research Institute, Inc.)
Dr. Kay is widely known as the father of the PC. Starting with the idea that the computer, previously just a large expensive machine used for business, could be a personal information medium, he developed much of the technology used to make the computer more user-friendly, thus laying the foundation for the modern PC.
This legacy, along with the invaluable contributions to society and culture resulting from his lifelong work in using the computer as an information medium to help teach children, has earned Dr. Kay this year's C&C Prize.

The award ceremony will be held on October 31st (Wednesday) from 3.00pm at the ANA Hotel Tokyo (Akasaka, Minato ward, Tokyo).
Following the presentation ceremony, the two recipients will give a commemorative speech.

The Foundation would also like to invite members of the general public to attend the award ceremony. Please apply by e-mail to the following address. Invitations to the ceremony and speeches will be available to the first 100 applicants.

E-mail address for applications:

At the request of interested parties in this field, the Foundation has also organized a series of lectures and informal talks by Dr. Kay during his visit to Japan. The theme will be use of the computer as an information medium to help teach children, the doctor's lifelong work.

Attachment 1: Recipients and Their Achievements
Attachment 2: Outline of Foundation for C&C Promotion Activities
Attachment 3: Brief Summary of Recipients' Careers


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