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*****For immediate use September 21st, 2001

NEC to Commence Sales of its 23-inch TFT Color LCD Module for High-Definition Televisions


TOKYO September 21st, 2001 - NEC Corporation (NEC) (NASDAQ: NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.1)(TSE: 6701) today announced they will begin selling a new high-resolution, wide 23-inch amorphous silicon TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) module (NL12876AC39-01) for wide screen HDTVs (High-definition Television) and displays for multimedia personal computers. Sample shipments of the new wide 23-inch product with large display size of 58cm are scheduled to start from October shifting to volume production from January at 1000 units per month.

With the new product, NEC has achieved a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels on an over A3 size, wide 23-inch large screen with 8-bit RGB (256 steps) signal processing and 16.77 million colors. In addition, the NL12876AC39-01 has a high-speed response time, less color shift when changing viewing points and ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle ranges that are ideal for HDTV and multimedia PC displays.

Demand for TFT color LCD monitors for HDTV and multimedia PCs multimedia is increasing rapidly due to their smaller footprints, low power consumption, pixel size uniformity, and precise pixel arrangement. The prototype with its high resolution, 16.77 million-color capability on the ultra-wide color gamut, high 450cd/m2-luminance, high 350:1-contrast and super-narrow frame design is expected to meet these needs precisely. For more realistic 'black' expression under normal application conditions, a 60% reduction in reflection from environmental light has also been achieved.

NEC has been focusing on TFT color LCDs since entering the LCD market. For monitors, NEC has been working on establishing a rich product line-up of large screen and high-resolution LCD modules, including the largest 21.3-inch UXGA with the resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. NEC has also introduced a 20.1-inch VGA for large television and multimedia information terminals as well as a 15.3-inch wide-XGA for the multimedia monitor.

The new 23-inch wide-XGA module adopts the Advanced SFT (Super Fine TFT) technology for the first time as a module for multimedia monitors enabling the suppression of color shift when looked at from various angles, high-speed responses to video and super-wide viewing angle ranges. This new technology, an extension of In-Plane Switching (IPS) that was developed for professional monitors is cultivating the most advanced territory in the multimedia monitor market.

With the new 23-inch, NEC will strive to expand its current line-up of TFT color LCD display modules suitable for a wide range of applications.

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