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*****For immediate use October 3rd, 2001

NEC Launches World's Fastest Vector Supercomputer "SX-6 Series"

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TOKYO October 3rd, 2001 - NEC Corporation (NEC) (NASDAQ: NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.l) today announced the latest addition to a series of evolutionary supercomputer systems, the "SX-6 Series." It has a peak vector performance of 8 Teraflop/s (Teraflop/s: one trillion floating point operations per second), which is the fastest technical vector supercomputer commercially available for industry, government and research applications. The sale of the "SX-6 Series" begins today around the world.

As a successor to "SX-5 Series," the "SX-6 Series" supercomputer inherits CMOS technology and a shared memory architecture. It delivers much improved price performance and conserves the surface space and power consumption by 80 percent as a result of implementing one CPU on a single chip, in place of more than 30 LSI chips used in the conventional systems.

The main features of the SX-6 Series are as follows:

Achieves the highest commercially available peak performance of 8Teraflop/s
It has a peak performance of 64 Gigaflop/s (Gigaflop/s: one billion floating point operations per second) and 64 Gigabytes of maximum memory per node; (a node consists of maximum of eight CPUs). Configured with up to 128 nodes, the "SX-6 Series" delivers 8 Teraflop/s of peak performance, up to 8Terabytes (TB) of total memory and 32 Terabytes/s of data transfer rate between CPU and memory. This translates to 1.6 times higher speed of operations than "SX-5 Series".

Realizes a vector processor with one chip, utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
The floor space and power consumption of the "SX-6 Series" have been reduced by 80 percent compared to the "SX-5 Series". This was achieved by implementing the entire vector processor on a single chip, in place of more than thirty LSI chips in conventional technology. This is realized by state-of-the-art semiconductor design technology using 0.15 micron design rule and high-density packaging technology.

Enhanced software that support multi-node system.
Its operating system "SUPER-UX" supports upward compatibility with the "SX-5 Series". It enables continuous availability of about two hundreds of third party applications and current user programs on "SX-5 Series". Operating system and middleware have also been enhanced to support the largest 128 nodes system. "MasterScope" functionality for total system management of up to 128 nodes and job scheduling for a multi-node system have also been improved.

The "SX-6 Series" offers "WebSuperComputing Environment (WSCE)" as one of its middleware which enables the integrated operation environment realized by Web browser, in which supercomputers, UNIX servers and personal computers can be utilized when connected via Internet or Intranet. In this system, users can visualize (graphic, animation, etc.) the computation results by supercomputers on personal computers and manage computation results and graphic databases, which leads to the improved convenience for both users and system managers.

In recent years, the performance of CPUs configured in microprocessor based computers has improved, permitting vendors to claim very high peak performance. However, large memory and high data transfer rates between memories and CPUs are also very important for obtaining high-sustained performance for large-scale computations. The high throughput performance of the "SX-6 Series" is achieved by employing ultra high-speed crossbar network between CPUs and high-speed Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). This combination delivers higher sustained performance than scalar computation machines.

NEC aims to achieve world wide sales of more than 200 units of the "SX-6 Series" for the next three years including OEM sales by Cray Inc. The "SX-6 Series" will be shipped from the end of December 2001 with the monthly rental price starting from 2,800,000 Yen.

In 1983, NEC entered the market of supercomputers, launching "the SX-2," the performance of which exceeded the world leading of 1Gigaflop/s, providing a system to meet the needs of ultra high-speed scientific computation. Since then, NEC has continuously provided supercomputers with state-of-the-art technology such as the SX-3, SX-4 Series and SX-5 Series, and has received over 300 orders across the SX series because of their high sustained performance and excellent price performance.

Supercomputers have been utilized for various fields such as the development of drugs, energy development of nuclear fusion and atomic energy, simulation of aircraft and space development, resource exploration of petroleum, automobile and machinery design, and construction and civil engineering design. They are also needed to solve the great challenges human beings are facing in this century, such as the development of post-genomic new drugs and the development of highly functional materials using nano-technology.

Demand for a faster supercomputer with larger memory capacity has been increasing as problems to be solved have become larger and more complicated. At the same time, results of research and development are expected in a shorter time.

To meet these needs, NEC has developed the SX-6, the successor to the SX-5 Series, that significantly improves performance and memory capacity. Its prices and energy consumption are comparable to Unix-based machines.
For further information on the features and specifications of the new series, please refer to the attached material.

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