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*****For immediate use November 7th, 2001

NEC Develops System-On-Glass LCD Module Capable of Displaying Full-color TV on Mobile Phones


TOKYO, November 7th, 2001-NEC Corporation today announced the successful development of its system-on-glass LCD module, an essential component for displaying full-color TV on mobile phones.

The new system-on-glass LCD module can simultaneously display on a split screen content of a full-color TV at a resolution of 352 x 288 and a text indicator, which was until now impossible with conventional mobile displays. The width surrounding the display area has been reduced to less than half of current devices, offering a larger viewing area at high resolution on small mobile phones.

The system-on-glass LCD module was created through development of the following.

  • System-on-glass (low-temperature poly-silicon CMOS thin-film transistor) technology, which can incorporate a driver circuit into the high resolution LCD module, making possible a display of 360 x 480 color pixels, with a resolution of 230 color pixels/inch, on a 2.6-inch reflective-type LCD.
  • Creation of precisely controlled unevenness on the surface of the reflective electrodes and the development of liquid crystal cells ideal for reflective display mode, making possible an ultra-bright display with 260,000 colors and high contrast.
  • NEC's unique partial display technology (partial display mode) that achieves low power consumption by utilizing a panel structure capable of writing voltage data signals in the same way as with common electrodes, and through a driver circuit that decreases power consumption to 1.7mW, at a partial-display mode of 11% (a 90% reduction compared with conventional modules).

As the volume of transmission signals of mobile phones rapidly increase and broadband technology progresses, video displays are increasingly becoming part of the sophisticated makeup of next-generation mobile phone. However, until now, conventional LCD screens used for mobile phones have been unable to display TV content without reducing the number of pixels. NEC, to meet this demand for LCD modules for mobile phones that divide the screen in two, displaying images and content of a high image quality, full-color TV and text indicator, has developed the new system-on-glass LCD module.

NEC believes that this display technology will significantly contribute to achieving next-generation mobile terminals and accordingly is stepping up research and development aiming to bring its system-on-glass LCD module to market as soon as possible.

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