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*****For immediate use November 14th, 2001

NEC Introduces New xDSL Solutions

-Hi-scalable and Hi-performance Hi-density ADSL system and Business Class SHDSL system-
"DSLAM platform "AM32""

NEC Corporation (NASDAQ:NIPNY) (FTSE:6707q.1) (TSE:6701), the leading supplier of broadband networking solutions including full services DSL and management equipment announced its New xDSL access product, business class SHDSL system for international market and DSLAM platform "AM32" Japanese market, as an expansion of "AM30" series.

The new SHDSL for the NEC AM30 DSL Access Multiplexer enables service providers to offer packet-based data and telephony at lower costs compared with legacy leased line solutions.
The addition of SHDSL re-enforces the strength of the AM30 as a true multi-service platform. SHDSL compliments the AM30's existing suite of ADSL, ADSL-Lite and VDSL technologies.
SHDSL delivers symmetrical data rates of up to 2312kbit/s over a single copper pair, with automatic negotiation of the highest data rate for the available line conditions. Unlike 2B1Q SDSL, SHDSL is spectrally compatible with other DSL technologies, allowing service providers to mix ADSL and SHDSL in the same cable bundle without affecting service quality. NEC's SHDSL technology is fully compliant with the recently ratified ITU-T G.991.2 and ETSI TS 101 524-1 standards.
With symmetric data rates and support for legacy E1, fractional E1, nx64kbit/s, packet based data and multi-line digital telephony services, the AM30 with SHDSL is ideal for addressing the needs of small and medium sized enterprises Combined with a wide range of network interfaces and specialist digital video functionalities, NEC's AM30 provides a one-stop shop for DSL providers catering to the widest range of residential and business customers with value adding features to maximize revenue.

"AM32"supplies DSL operators with a cost-effective and flexible xDSL solutions with its highly scalable and high performance equipment structure, having the maximum capacity of 1920 lines per system, together with its user friendly design concept and various new DSL technologies.

During last two years, NEC has already supplied the DSLAM platform "AM30" that conforms to ITU-T standards to DSL operators and ISPs in Japan, Europe, Asia and South America. Our supply record exceeds 100,000 "AM30" ADSL lines supporting G.992.2 Annex-C, which resolves the problem of traffic-rate reduction under the ISDN noise in Japan. NEC newly developed "AM32" focusing on the rapid growth of DSL market in Japan.

AM32 enables flexible installation planning for both rural and high-density/city areas by cost-effective high-density equipment structure, supporting from the minimum of one access sub-rack for 384lines to the maximum of 5 access sub-racks for 1920lines. The new product also realizes cable-less installation between the DSLAM access sub-rack part and the splitter part, with direct connection established simply by card insertion. Besides, AM32 can be repaired for each part of the access sub-rack and the splitter- sub-rack individually. New DSL technology enabled broader bandwidth and symmetry in transmission under environment with the ISDN noise. NEC provides a new line card supporting G.dmt Annex-C(G.992.1 Annex-C) that assures a higher rate up to 8Mbps as compared to G.992.1 Annex A, even under the ISDN noise environment in Japan. Also NEC is planning to provide the 1.6Mbps symmetric transmission by another new DSL technology, G.dmt Annex-H(G.992.1 Annex-H) within the first half of 2002. Thus DSL operators can offer various services flexibly according to their end customers' requirements, by using this compatibility of AM32's line cards. "AM32" supports any system functions, package cards and NMS of current AM30. Software version-up and firmware version-up might be necessary. IT supplies three types of protection functions, STM-1/OC-3c auto-protection switching (G.783 Annex A and Annex B), DSL line protection and line card protection, which are already released on AM30. "AM32" realizes flexible QoS(Quality of Services), traffic management, VP/VC shaping for backbone networks and users, on the ATM interface over OC-3c/STM-1. Besides, AM32 can reduce the network cost and the network equipment cost by the direct connection to an Ethernet-based network via dark fibers, using its Ethernet interface card.



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