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*****For immediate use November 26th, 2001

NEC Introduces Ultra-Low-Power 8-bit Microcontroller

-Consumes Substantially Less Power, Operates at 18 Microamps-
"ultra-low-power microcontroller"microPD789881""

TOKYO and SANTA CLARA, Calif. - November 26, 2001 - NEC Corp. (NEC) (Nasdaq: NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.i) (TSE: 6701) and NEC Electronics Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary in the United States, today announced availability of a new ultra-low-power microcontroller (microPD789881) for the K0S family of 8-bit microcontrollers. At 2.7-volts and operating at full speed, the uPD789881 consumes only 18 microamps (microA) (typical) and has a standby current of 0.9 microA (typical). This new microcontroller offers power consumption levels substantially lower than other low power controllers, which typically draw several milliamps while operating. Additionally, the microPD789881 features an integrated (26x4) LCD controller/driver. The low-power consumption and integrated LCD controller make this latest addition to the K0S Family a compelling solution for hand-held, battery-powered applications.
"There is a growing demand in the battery-powered embedded device market to support increasingly sophisticated applications without an increase in power consumption or price," said David Lamar, senior marketing manager for NEC Electronics' microcontroller products. "The very low operating current of this new K0S microcontroller provides a significant savings in power consumption, and the integrated LCD helps to lower the component count and cost for embedded devices."
NEC's microPD789881 microcontroller operates from an external 32 KHz clock that operates all the on-chip peripherals. The microcontroller also features an internally generated 500 KHz clock for CPU operation. Users can dynamically switch CPU operation between the two clock speeds in order to accommodate the performance and power consumption requirements of their product designs. This is in addition to using the traditional power down HALT and STOP modes.
The microPD789881 contains a hardware multiplier, 8- and 16-bit timers, watchdog timer, UART, 512B SRAM and is available in either 32K Flash or 16K ROM versions. The microcontroller operates between 2.7 and 3.5-volts and comes in a 64-pin QFP package. For more device information, documentation for NEC's microPD789881 can be found at

About NEC's K Series 8-bit Microcontrollers
NEC's K Series consists of the K0 and K0S families in both general purpose and LCD controller versions. Both families support a wide selection of peripherals and memory configurations. The K0S family utilizes fewer peripherals and smaller memory options for more cost-sensitive applications. Both the K0 and K0S families operate over -40degree to +85degreeC and provide extended voltage ranges as a standard feature for use in challenging application environments.
In order to provide design professionals with a feature-rich, inexpensive design environment that accelerates time to market, NEC Electronics offers a variety of design tools for K Series microcontrollers, including software simulators with virtual hardware support, web-based programming examples and a variety of full-function, low-cost emulators (LCEs).

Samples of the microPD789881 are available now. Volume production is scheduled for January 2002 in 10,000 unit quantities. Availability is subject to change without notice.

About NEC Corp.
NEC Corp. (Nasdaq: NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.l), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading provider of Internet solutions, dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of its customers in the key computer, network and electron device fields through its three market-focused in-house companies: NEC Solutions, NEC Networks, and NEC Electron Devices. NEC Corp., with its in-house companies, employs more than 150,000 people worldwide and saw net sales of 5,409 billion Yen (approx. US$43 billion) in fiscal year 2000-2001. For further information, please visit the NEC web site home page at:

About NEC Electronics Inc.
NEC Electronics Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., is one of the leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of semiconductor products in the United States. Committed to meeting customers' cost, performance and time-to-market requirements, the company offers solutions ranging from standard products, including electron components, to system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions, as well as customized products for next-generation designs. NEC Electronics also offers customers the benefits of a local manufacturing facility in Roseville, Calif., and the global manufacturing capabilities of its parent company, NEC Corp. (NASDAQ: NIPNY). For more information about products offered by NEC Electronics Inc., please visit the NEC Electronics web site at


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