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Main features of the Earth Simulator's system

  1. State-of-the-art semiconductor technology
    Realizes the ultra high speed by employing the 0.15 micron (mm) copper wiring process, with approximately 60 million transistors, and leading-edge ultra-high-speed and high density CMOS technology.

  2. Ultra large-scale parallel computation system
    Built with 640 nodes (5,120 CPUs in total), each of which consists of eight vector processors (8GFLOPS/CPU, 64GFLOPS/node), achieves the peak performance of 40TFLOPS (40 trillion floating-point operations per second). 16GB main memory capacity for the shared memory of a computing node, and 10TB for the whole system.

  3. Enhanced UNIX-based basic software and development environment
    "SUPER-UX," a UNIX-based basic software developed exclusively for the NEC's supercomputer "SX-Series," is provided with large enhancement and expansion. As program development environment, language compilers which perform automatic parallelization and automatic vectorization, such as Fortran90, HPF, C, and C++ are also provided, as well as message passing library MPI2 and mathematical library ASL/ES.
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