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*****For immediate use March 19th, 2002

NEC Develops New Video Decoder System LSI with Embedded 3-D Y/C Separation Circuit

Embedded 3-D Y/C Separation Circuit'µPD64011'
Embedded 3-D Y/C Separation Circuit

TOKYO, March 19th, 2002 - NEC Corporation ("NEC") (NASDAQ: NIPNY, FTSE: 6701q.l, TSE: 6701) today announced the development of the world's first single-chip with video decoder function and embedded three-dimensional (3-D) Y/C separation circuit (product name: µPD64011), able to decode National Television System Committee (NTSC), Phase Alternation by Line (PAL) and Sequential Color and Memory (SECAM), the world's most widely used broadcasting systems.

In addition to 3-D Y/C separation processing ability, the µPD64011 facilitates the conversion of the analog video signals into high definition digital signals. And for digital processing of video signals for new image recording products, including hard disks and digital versatile disc (DVD) recorders, NEC has added a digital chroma decoder function.

Main features of µPD64011 include:

1) Compatibility with the world's main broadcasting systems.
For 3-D Y/C separation circuit embedded chips, NEC's µPD64011 is the first in the world able to decode all three of the worlds main broadcasting systems, namely, NTSC, PAL and SECAM in a single chip.
2) Handles a variety of digital output systems.
With the embedded digital chroma decoder, the µPD64011 is able to handle a variety of output systems including 8-bit and 10-bit digital and ITU-R BT. 656 digital output.
3) Facilitates direct digital connection with NEC's ghost reducer system LSI.
Provides further improvements to high definition image quality and reduces ghosting that exists in NTSC systems, by facilitating direct digital connection with NEC's ghost reducer system LSI (product name: µPD64031A).

With the arrival of broadband, digital image distribution used in digital broadcasting and home servers is moving swiftly and demand is strong for high definition products used in broadcast satellite (BS) digital tuners, liquid crystal displays (LCD) and plasma display panels (PDP). The focus has also shifted to new products for image recording such as hard disks, DVD recorders and set-top boxes (STB). With more and more of above products continuing to appear in the market it is estimated that high definition digital broadcasting will spread quickly.

The market it not only calling for new digital technologies, but also for improvements in picture quality for analog broadcasting. NEC, to meet these needs has introduced the 3-D Y/C separation circuit as the essential element to improve problems including cross color and dot crowl of the current two-dimensional (2-D) Y/C separation devices.

NEC is already offering the industry's highest-class 10-bit signal processing product as its digital signal processing technology driven 3-D Y/C separation system LSI. And now, in order to meet the needs for better picture quality for analog broadcasting and image recording products, NEC will launch the new µPD64011 with embedded digital signal processing technology and digital chroma decoder. The new product has a variety of other functions as well, including Logical comb filter 2D Y/C separation, Frame recursive YC noise reduction, H lock clock generator and burst lock clock generator, picture compensation and tone control condensed into the single chip.

Pricing and availability:
NEC will begin sample shipments from August, with a shift to volume production scheduled from December at 800 thousand units per month. The product is priced at 3000 yen per unit. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

Please see attachment for main specifications of the µPD64011

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  • 3-D Y/C separation function is only applicable to NTSC-M signals
NTSC : Broadcasting system used mainly in Japan and America
PAL : Broadcasting system used mainly in West Europe (expect France), China and Brazil
SECAM : Broadcasting system used mainly in France, Russia and Eastern Europe

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