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*****For immediate use April 11th, 2002

NEC Expands TFT LCD Ultra-wide Viewing Angle Technology to Mid-Sized Monitors

NEC's 7-inch TFT LCD module "NL4823HC37-03"
NEC's 7-inch TFT LCD module "NL4823HC37-03"

TOKYO April 11th, 2002 - NEC Corporation (NEC) (NASDAQ: NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.l) (TYSE: 6701) today announced it will begin sample shipments from July of a 7-inch (18cm) wide-screen, amorphous silicon thin film transistor (TFT) color liquid crystal display (LCD) module (product code: NL4823HC37-03). The NL4823HC37-03 leverages NEC's ultra-wide viewing angle technology, cultivated from NEC's super advanced - super fine TFT (SA-SFT) LCD technology to produce a module that is ideally suited for use in mid-size monitors including DVD players, car navigation systems and industrial monitors. Volume production of the new TFT LCD is scheduled to begin from August at 5000 units per month.

The new 7-inch module is the world's first mid-size (under 10-inches) color LCD display module to adopt ultra-wide viewing angle technology, achieving a viewing angle range of 170 degrees at contrast ratio of over 10:1. The NL4823HC37-03 has a Quarter VGA wide-screen high resolution of 480 x 234 pixels and provides full color through its analog RGB signal processing driver interface. Other features include a super sleek 8mm thin module design and high 400cd/m2-luminance, achieved through improvements to panel transmissivity.

Since 1995, based on in-plane switching (IPS) ultra-wide viewing angle technology, NEC has been concentrating on establishing super fine TFT (SFT) as its core LCD technology, with an intense focus on improving continuous gradation control for a smooth color expression and on increasing the pixel number to offer high-definition images for large-size monitors.

NEC has also increased module response time two-fold and minimized color-shift when changing viewing directions through its advanced SFT (A-SFT), plus, its latest super-advanced SFT (SA-SFT) technology has substantially improved panel transmissivity by over 150% compared with A-SFT technology.

Until now ultra-wide viewing angle technology has been deemed unnecessary for mid-size monitors, as the smaller size, ranging from 5-inches to 10-inches allows users to easily move the module to the most suitable viewing angle. However, in confined work areas or for the car navigation system, moving freely to create the most visible angle is not such an easy task. NEC, to offer a solution for this viewing frustration, has released today's new 7-inch module, equipped with NEC 's ultra-wide viewing angle technology for easy viewing.

NEC is also concentrating on providing module solutions to the industrial field, offering an extensive line-up, including six screen sizes and 15 different models ranging from 5.5-inch Quarter VGA to 15-inch XGA modules. Through these products NEC is meeting industry's requirements for high reliability, high luminance, operation under a wide temperature range, shock tolerance and back light exchange. NEC is expanding its wide vision model to all diagonal size modules, and is also applying its ultra-wide viewing model to 12.1-inch and over modules to increase its already impressive line-up of LCD modules for the industrial monitors.

The new mid-size TFT color LCD modules will be displayed at the Electronic Display Exhibition 2002 (EDEX 2002) - to be held from April 16th -18th at the Tokyo Big Sight in Japan.

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  • For main specifications for the NL4823HC37-03, please see the attached sheet.


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