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Model i9510 i9010 i6510 i6010
CPU Processor Itanium(R)2
Clock 1GHz/900MHz
Cache 1GHz : 3MB/900MHz : 1.5MB
Max. Number of CPUs 32 16 16 8
Max. Memory 128GB 64GB 32GB 16GB
Max. Number of I/O slot 112 56 54 26
Internal Peripheral DVD-ROM,DAT(option)
Supported Operating Systems Linux/HP-UX11i v1.6
Form factor floor type floor type rack mount
rack mount
Size Width 600mm 483mm 483mm
Depth 1040mm 960mm 960mm
Height 1800mm 623mm 356mm
Weight 528kg 365kg 160kg 100kg
AC Power single-phase
200V x4
200V x4
200V x2
200V x1
Heat Gene.(KJ/H) 36,400 23,400 22,600 12,700
Operating Temperature +5~+32 degrees Celsius
Operating Humidity 20-80%RH


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