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*****For immediate use July 9th, 2002

NEC Released "TX7" Series Server with Intel's latest 64-bit CPU "Itanium(R) 2 processor"

-A server family that includes 32 Itanium(R) 2 processors system-
TX7 Series"TX7/i6010,i6510,i9010/i9510"
TX7 Series

NEC Corporation today announced the sales of their latest products, the "TX7/i9000, TX7/i6000" series computer systems. These systems include a server which can be configured with up to 32 of Intel's new 64-bit processors, "Intel(R) Itanium(R) 2 processor." (*1) NEC is the only corporation that has released a server with 32 of Itanium(R) 2 processors at this time.

The TX7/i9000, i6000 series are the new additions to technical server TX7 series product line and are available with either Linux (*2) or HP-UX (*3) operating systems. These servers will be used mainly within scientific technology fields.

Main features of the new product line are as follows.

  1. High-speed processing and high scalability

    High-speed processing is realized through combining Intel's new CPU and NEC's technology -- such as crossbar switch technology and high-speed memory access technology -- which were cultivated through years of developing supercomputers and main frames. In addition to the fact that it can be configured with up to 32 CPUs, the new series employs PCI-X for I/O bus to connect peripheral and network devices. It can also be configured with up to 112slots, demonstrating the high scalability ideal for large-scale configurations. The series has achieved industry-record performance on LINPACK HPC (*4) of 101.77GFLOPS for a 32 CPU server which employs general purpose MPU.

  2. Partitioning function for flexible system operation

    The "TX7/i9000" series may be partitioned at the hardware level, enabling each subsystem to operate as an independent computer system. It is possible to divide the 32 CPU system into up to eight subsystems, each of which has four CPUs, and let them each operate separately. In this way it's possible to allocate processor capacity according to workload status, resulting in flexible system operation and guaranteed security.

  3. High reliability and availability

    Many hardware components (clock, power, fan, service processor, etc.) allow redundancy, and the CPU memory board and I/O card hardware are hot-swap compliant. Easy system recovery is possible even at the time of failure.

Price and shipping information on the new products are:

Product Name Max. Number of CPUs Standard Price Expected Shipment Date
TX7/i9510 32 from 34.1 million yen End of August 2002
TX7/i9010 16 from 21.1 million yen End of August 2002
TX7/i6510 16 from 9.46 million yen 4th Qtr of 2002 calendar year
TX7/i6010 8 from 7.46 million yen 4th Qtr of 2002 calendar year

There has been an increasing need for scientific computing utilizing scalar servers loaded with multi-purpose micro processors in EDA (Electronic Design Automation), chemistry, structural analysis, machinery design, and fluid analysis. For each application, the problems to be solved become larger and more complicated day by day, and the demands for high-speed CPU and large capacity memory are growing to deal with these types of data. To meet these needs in the market, NEC released Itanium(R) processor-loaded server "TX7/AzusA" in May 2001. Taking advantage of the technology applied to this product, the new TX7 series meets the higher performance specifications.

These products are initially available only in Japan.

NEC intends to expand the product line for Itanium(R) 2 processor-based products.
For example, NEC is considering introducing the Itanium(R) 2 processor based servers which employ 64bit version of Windows .NET for use in commercial applications.

NEC is also considering introducing the Itanium(R) 2 processor based servers overseas in the near future.


Note: Consumption tax is not included in the prices.

*1: Intel and Itanium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation.
*2: Linux is a trademark or a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States and other countries.
*3: HP-UX is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company.
*4: LINPACK is a standard benchmark test in which performance is evaluated on a simultaneous linear equation program. Today performance of numerous types of computation machines have been evaluated, varying from supercomputers to workstations and personal computers.
Performance of the TX7/i9000, i6000 series was evaluated on HPC (Highly Parallel Computing: number of dimensions unlimited).
*5: Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


Chris Shimizu
NEC Corporation
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