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*****For immediate use August 21th, 2002

NEC Starts Afforestation Business in Australia to Further the Fight Against Global Warming

-Expecting to absorb 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2022-

TOKYO, August 21, 2002 - NEC Corporation ("NEC") today announced the start of an afforestation business on Kangaroo Island in South Australia, to further add to its dedicated and wide ranging environmental activities that fight against environmental destruction.

Global warming prevention takes great importance amongst NEC's environmental management activities. NEC is continuing to substantially reduce CO2 emissions thanks to improved production efficiency and better conservation of power at factories and offices throughout the NEC Group. NEC is also addressing global warming by reducing the volume of procured materials (reducing CO2 emissions discharged during production stage of materials) and by cutting CO2 emissions by promoting environmentally sound products to its customers.

From 2002, to further contribute to these committed efforts to counter against global warming, NEC will begin afforestation in South Australia, growing an extensive "NEC Forest" of Eucalyptus globulous and other broadleaf trees, that will naturally absorb CO2 emissions. On Kangaroo Island in South Australia, where the climate and land features are ideally suited to growing strong, healthy trees, NEC is planning to plant 300 hectares (ha) (approximately the same land area of Central Park in New York) each year for the next ten years, reaching a total of 3000 ha. NEC estimates that about 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions will be absorbed from this afforestation in the 20-year period after planting.

NEC Afforestation Business Outline

Afforestation Location: Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Afforestation Size: 300ha each year for 10 years (Total of 3000ha)
CO2 Emission Absorption Volume: Approximately 1 million tonnes in the 20 year period after planting
Afforestation Tree Type: Eucalyptus globulous and other broadleaf trees
Afforestation Expense: Approximately 1.4 billion yen in total

NEC plans to outsource the forestation business to Green Triangle Plantation Company, Ltd., a forestation professional and locally situated subsidiary company of Oji Paper Co., Ltd., Nissho Iwai Corporation and others.

NEC will continue to strive to positively advance global warming prevention measures and tackle environmental issues to reduce the impact on the environment and improve the efficient use of resources. NEC believes it is equally important to help customers and society reduce their environmental impact and improve resource efficiency by using its products and services. NEC's goal is to contribute to building a sustainable, recycling-orientated society through the comprehensive effects from its efforts at both customer and corporate levels. For more information on NEC's environmental management activities please visit the NEC's environmental home page at:

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