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Brief Summary of Recipients' Careers

Dr. Tadao Umesao

Current position: Special Advisor, National Museum of Ethnology and Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University

Date of birth: June 13, 1920


September 1943 Graduated from the Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
April 1949 Appointed assistant professor of the Faculty of Polytechnics at Osaka City University
August 1965 Appointed assistant professor at the Research Institute for Humanistic Studies, Kyoto University
April 1969 Appointed professor at the Research Institute for Humanistic Studies, Kyoto University
June 1974 Made director-general of the National Museum of Ethnology
April 1993 Retired from his post at the museum and was made a special advisor and a professor emeritus for the museum

Information Related Papers:

1957 "An Ecological View of History on Civilizations," Chuo Koron, Feb., pp. 32-49, Chuo Koron-sha
1961 "The Broadcasters, Great Amateurs: Anthropological Studies of the New Occupational Group," Hoso Asahi, Oct., pp. 8-15, Asahi Hoso
1963 "Information Industry Theory: Dawn of the Coming Era of the Ectodermal Industry," Hoso Asahi, Jan., pp. 4-17, Asahi Hoso
1956 Exploration on Moghols in Afghanistan, Iwanami Shoten

Major Publications:

1964 Travels Through Mainland Southeast Asia, 1956-62,Chuo Koron-sha
1967 An Ecological View of History on Civilizations, Chuo Koron-sha
1969 Technology of Intellectual Production, Iwanami Shoten
1974 The Japanese in the Global Age, Chuo Koron-sha
1976 The World of Hunting and Nomadism, Kodansha
1986 The Formation and Development of Modern Japanese Civilization,
Nihon Hoso Shuppan Kyokai
1987 The Museum as Media, Heibonsha(practical aspects of information studies)
1988 Civilization Theory on Information, Chuo Koron-sya
(theoretical aspects of information studies)
1989 Notes on Information Theory: Editing, Presenting, Designing..., Chuo Koron-sha
(application aspects of information studies)
1989 The Home Economics of Information, Domesu Shuppan
1989-94 Collected Works of Tadao Umesao, (22 volumes and one supplement), Chuo Koron-sha
1990 Management of Academic Information, Iwanami Shoten,
2000 Japanese Civilization in the Modern World: Comparative Study of Civilizations,
Chuo Koron Shinsha
2002 Actions and Wild Fancies: An Autobiography, Chuo Koron Shinsha

Major Awards and Honors:

Jan.1988 The Asahi Award
Apr.1988 Commander, Order of Palms Academic, Republic of France
May1988 Medal with Purple Ribbon
Oct.1990 The Japan Foundation Award
Nov.1991 Person of Cultural Merit
Nov.1994 Order of Culture
Nov.1999 Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure

Dr. Edsger Wybe Dijkstra

Most recent position: Schlumberger Centennial Chair Emeritus in Computer Sciences and Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin

Date of birth: May 11, 1930 (Rotterham, Netherlands)

Personal Career:

1952 - 1962 Programmer at the Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam
1956 Obtained degrees in mathematics and theoretical physics from the University of Leyden
1959 Received Ph.D. in computing science from the University of Amsterdam
1962 - 1982 Professor of mathematics at Eindhoven University of Technology
1973 - 1984 Burroughs Corporation research fellow
1984 - 1999 Held the Schlumberger Centennial Chair in Computing Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, 1984-1999
1999 Retired as Professor Emeritus in 1999

Major Awards and Honors:

Dijkstra was the recipient of the 1971 ACM Programming Systems and Languages Paper Award. He was given the 1972 ACM Turing Award, often viewed as the Nobel Prize for computing, the 1974 AFIPS Harry Goode Memorial Award, the 1982 IEEE Computer Society Computer Pioneer Award, and the 1989 ACM/SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contributions to Computer Science Education. The ACM Conferences on the Principles of Distributed Computing gave him the Influential Paper Award, the PODC, in 2002.

He was a member of the Netherlands Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences and a Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer Society in 1971 and a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1975. In 1976, the Queen's University of Belfast made him a Doctor of Science Honoris Causa, and the Athens University of Economics and Business in the Department of Informatics (Greece) awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2001.


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