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*****For immediate use October 9th, 2002

Line-up Enhancement of Supercomputer SX Series

- Adding Large Capacity Shared Memory Model, SX-7 -


TOKYO, October 9, 2002 - NEC Corporation ("NEC") (NASDAQ: NIPNY, FTSE: 6701q.l, TSE: 6701) announced today to add and to sell a new large capacity shared memory model, "SX-7", which has a maximum memory of 256 gigabyte (GB) to its SX Series.

The main features of the "SX-7" are as follows:-

  1. Offering maximum of 256 GB of large shared memory

    The "SX-7" gives priority to the excellent usability and enhanced its shared memory architecture from the existing "SX-6". Up to 32 CPUs are connected to maximum 256GB large capacity shared memory in a single-node system, and automatic parallelization easily brings out large-scale multi processing performance. The ultra-high data transfer speed of maximum 1130.2 Gigabytes/s between CPU and memory has also been realized. This is 4.4 times faster than the existing "SX-6". In a 64-node multi-node system, large capacity memory of up to 16 Terabytes (TB) can be configured, and the total data transfer of maximum 72TB/s speed between CPU and memory can be achieved. Moreover, SX-7 achieves a maximum 18 Teraflop/s (Teraflop/s: one trillion floating point operations per second) of vector performance in a multi-node system.

  2. Realizes a vector processor with one chip, utilizing state-of-the-art technology

    Great price/performance was achieved by implementing the entire vector processor on a single chip, in place of plural LSI chips in conventional technology. This is realized by state-of-the-art semiconductor design technology using 0.15 micron design rule and high-density packaging technology.

  3. A variety of software can be utilized

    The basic software supported by the SX Series, "SUPER-UX," and a variety of application software such as crash/shock analysis, fluid analysis, structural/vibration analysis, computational chemistry, electromagnetic field analysis, resource exploration, and numerical analysis can be utilized. The optimized software for the SX Series enables effective ultra-high speed operation performance.

In recent years, there was an increase in performance of scalar type computers due to the advancement of CPUs, however, vector type computers always had high processing performance in the area of large scale calculation by achieving high data transfer speed between large scale memory and CPU and high CPU performance. The high throughput performance of the "SX Series" is achieved by employing ultra high-speed crossbar network between CPUs and high-speed Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). This combination delivers higher sustained performance than scalar computation machines.

The rental price of the SX-7 is approximately 8.2 million yen and it will be shipped starting in December 2002.

Since NEC launched "the SX-6" in October 2001, NEC has received over 140 orders across high-end users in the fields of meteorology/climate, aerospace-, and automotive- industry because of their high-sustained performance and excellent price performance.
Demand for faster supercomputers with larger memory capacity has been increasing as problems to be solved have become larger and more complicated. At the same time, results of research and development are expected in a shorter time.
To meet these needs, NEC has developed the SX-7 enhancement to the SX Series line-up.
NEC will continue the sales of the SX-6 as a mainstream of the SX Series for small-scale to large-scale computations.
For the detailed specifications of the SX-7, please refer to the following page.

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