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*****For immediate use October 2, 2003

Phased Configuration Completed for World's Largest Scale Data Management System on Linux at Deutsche Klimarechenzentrum

NEC announced today that they completed building and installation of a data management system at Deutsche Klimarechenzentrum GmbH (DKRZ; Hamburg, Germany). The system has been set up and connected to a 24 node SX-6 NEC supercomputer since February 2002 while the system was used for normal operations at the same time. It is now the world's largest scale data management system on Linux operating system for research in climate change in Europe.

The system employs Linux operating system, and is composed of several of the latest high-performance servers "TX7" with "Intel Itanium2 processor," hierarchical data management tools "Legato DiskXtender(R)," "Oracle 9i Database" and "Red Hat Enterprise Linux." These components are managed by NEC's file sharing system "Global File System (GFS)" for integrated operation. DKRZ intends to utilize the system to manage and share large volume results of climate simulations generated by the SX-6. German and European researchers hope to make great contributions to climate research by conducting numerical model climate simulations on varied levels from regional to global, utilizing the top-level HPC system at DKRZ composed of a supercomputer "SX-6" and a data management system.

The system can store approximately 4 Petabytes of data, which is a world-leading scale in scientific computation area. In addition, it is a mission critical system which requires high data transfer performance and extremely high operability since the stored data is expected to increase by several Terabytes per day of use. NEC provided the file sharing system and hierarchically structured data management system both for flat file and data base applications, enabling users to seamlessly deal with all the data stored in different types of media on the system, such as disks or tapes.

NEC provided solutions through "NEC High Performance Computing Europe (Dusseldorf, Germany)" established in February 2003, to design and set up the system, and has been highly credited by DKRZ for the system architecture on Linux, including its scalability.

NEC and HPCE takes this opportunity to build a system for DKRZ to prove world-leading integration ability of extremely large scale data processing solutions in high performance computing (HPC) area.

For detailed information on NEC High Performance Computing Europe, please refer to the appendix.

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