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*****For immediate use November 27, 2003

NEC Launches New Product Family UNIVERGE for IT/Network Integrated Solution

Tokyo, November 27, 2003 - NEC Corporation (NASDAQ: NIPNY) today announced the launch of a new product family, UNIVERGE, which consists of key components of its IT/Network integrated solutions. NEC will continue to develop the highly value-added UNIVERGE family of products by incorporating its proven advanced technologies related to computing and networking.

UNIVERGE was coined by combining "universal" and "convergence," and means NEC's initiative to create and expand globally its new value-added products born through the integration of IT and network.

NEC aims to promote improvement in productivity and an increase in competitiveness by realizing effective collaboration among UNIVERGE family of products and applications such as Web conference system, unified messaging system and other work systems. By utilizing its technologies for system management and network management, the UNIVERGE family can be totally managed, realizing operation and maintenance efficiency.

First products of the UNIVERGE family include mobile IP system, VoIP server, high-speed access router, wireless LAN, multi-layer switch and new generation telephony server. NEC intends to enhance UNIVERGE product lineups and to flexibly and nimbly respond to users' needs. The UNIVERGE family will be launched globally, including North America and Asia Pacific.

New products designated under the UNIVERGE umbrella are as follows. The first products will be introduced in Japan. For other markets outside Japan, products to be launched and timing of the launch will be decided according to the requirements of each region/country.

  • VoIP server "UNIVERGE SV Series"
  • High-speed access router "UNIVERGE IX Series"
  • Multi-layer switch "UNIVERGE IP Series"
  • Wireless LAN "UNIVERGE WL Series"
  • Mobile IP system "UNIVERGE MB Series" (new product)
  • New generation telephony server, "UNIVERGE," "iExpress Series"

NEC will further pursue creating common application interface (API) and total management function by the collaboration between UNIVERGE family of products and total operation management middleware, which realizes high-reliable and operative IT/Network integrated platforms and also reduction of for man-hour for systems operation management. Furthermore, UNIVERGE will collaborate with various software such as business applications and security software, and then users can enjoy effective linkage of various works, improvement of productivity and competitiveness.

Among the UNIVERGE family of products, the major feature of the new product "UNIBERGE MB Series" are as follows.

Mobile IP System "UNIVERGE MB Series"
The new mobile IP system enables corporate users of notebook computers to access an internal system, guaranteed highly security, while on the road, contributing to the improvement in productivity. Users can choose the means of connection from LAN, wireless LAN, PHS and cellular phones, and access internal network outside of office without modifying network setup. By using encryption based on IPsec, security for communication between the notebook computer used outside of the office and internal network is guaranteed.

As part of sales promotion activity for the UNIVERGE family, NEC will display and demonstrate various products at iEXPO2003, to be held in Tokyo from December 3 to 5.

As the expansion of broadband environment continues, more companies are demanding TCO reduction related to network, improvement in communication efficiency, improvement in productivity and work-style innovation through the integration of data network and voice network.
In response to those needs, NEC is promoting the offering of IT/Network Integrated Solution that unify communication network and various work, industry-specific systems. NEC plans to expand the UNIVERGE family and in the process, it aims to strengthen and globally promote the IT/Network Integrated Solution.



Akiko Shikimori
NEC Corporation
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