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*****For immediate use February 19, 2004

NEC Corporation Develops Parallel Clock Technology for 10 GHz & Higher System LSI Device

Tokyo, February 19, 2004 --- NEC Corporation today announced the development of a parallel clock technology that overcomes the limitations of clock frequency in system LSI devices and results in speeds of 10 gigahertz (10 billion operations per second) and higher, three times the speed of LSI devices used in general-purpose personal computers. The results of this research will be presented February 18 at the International Solid-State Circuit Conference (ISSCC2004) in San Francisco.

"Clock parallelization" that realizes a higher clock frequency, uses multiple low-frequency clock signals simultaneously to raise the effective clock frequency, causes an increase in processing speed. The concept of "parallel" in the past has applied to processing. With this new technology, this is the first time the concept is applied to timing.

Using high-frequency virtual clock signals to perform high-speed processing can prevent deterioration of the high-frequency signal's waveform quality. NEC's newly-developed phase interpolation technology reduces random variation between the clock signals resulting from parallelization. As a result, it is possible to minimize each "timing drift" in the clock signal throughout the entire LSI device, and thus realize an LSI device of a larger scale.

Until now, the clock frequency of LSI devices has roughly doubled every two years. However, it was difficult to exceed 10 GHz because of waveform quality deterioration of the high-frequency signal. The new parallel clock technology, however, enables this trend of roughly doubling the frequency every two years to be maintained, and it is now possible to realize an ultra-high-speed LSI device that operates at 10 GHz.

"NEC believes that in the future, with the development of increasingly sophisticated LSI devices, along with the use of finer wires and higher performance, it will become increasingly important to implement a technological paradigm shift based on new concepts such as the parallel clock. For applications that realize the integration of IT and networks in high-performance and high-function AV systems in the home, we intend to continue to promote active research and development" said Masao Fukuma, vice president of NEC Corporation.

This R&D was conducted by NEC Corporation under a consignment agreement with NEC Electronics Corporation.

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