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*****For immediate use June 1, 2004

NEC Launches New "UNIVERGE Solution" to Help Realize Evolutional Communication Method, Business Efficiency and Intellectual Productivity

- "UNIVERGE Support Center" is established in Japan for the marketing promotion of UNIVERGE Solution -

Tokyo, June 1st 2004-- NEC Corporation (NASDAQ: NIPNY) today announced the launch of "UNIVERGE Solution", a new IT/Network integrated solution which helps realizing evolutional communication method, business efficiency and high service quality to enterprise users. NEC's IT/Network integrated solution is its proven advanced computer and network technologies.

In addition to the launch of the new solution, NEC has established "UNIVERGE Solution Center" in Japan, where around 70 staff promote the solution, develop new solution, verify inter-operability of hardware/software, and create systemization and methodology of system integration, marketing support of system engineer, sales engineers and partner companies.

NEC intends to promote this new solution and its hardware/software/system integration know-how globally. NEC Unified Solutions, Inc., started its operation last April at Texas, will play a central role in North America for the solution promotion. NEC is also focusing on Asia Pacific countries.

The uniqueness of UNIVERGE Solution is the six solution packages which enable each division of large companies and medium and small enterprises to economically deploy the system in short term. The major packages are as follows;

"IP Telephony Package" helps to adopt fast and economical IP Telephony to branches and remote office which realizes reduction of carriers' network cost and network administration cost. In addition, "Remote Access Option" which enable remote access into intranet from outside and "Wireless Option" which enable easier adoption of wireless LAN.

"Unified Communication Package" is a unified video/voice/data integrated application such as unified messaging (co-operational application of telephone, e-mail and voice mail) and web conferencing system to realize ubiquitous communication.

"Secure Wireless LAN "Raku" (*"easy" in Japanese) model" helps to adopt fast and economical highly secured wireless LAN which realizes evolution of working style and efficient network administration.

"Secure Remote Access "Raku" model" helps to secure remote access with mobile phones and notebook PCs to intranet so people can effectively work anywhere anytime.

"Virus Quarantine VLAN "Raku" model": By connecting PCs, which are not equipped with Virus and security measures, to the dedicated virus quarantine network, these insecure PCs are automatically well-equipped with security software and patch updating.

"IP Contact Center package" is a contact center using broadband video and voice tools for better customer satisfaction.

In addition, NEC has its competence in industry-specific solutions such as hotels and hospitals applications in the North America and such solutions will be promoted to the Asia Pacific region.

UNIVERGE is a word coined by combining "universal" and "convergence". As the expansion of broadband environment continues, more companies are seeking TCO reduction related to network, improvement in communication efficiency, improvement in productivity and work-style innovation through the integration of data network and voice network. In response to these needs, NEC has globally begun offering the IT/Network Integrated Solution that unifies communication network and various works, industry-specific systems. NEC plans to expand the UNIVERGE Solution globally and, in the process, aims to strengthen and globally promote the IT/Network Integrated Solution.

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