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*****For immediate use November 24, 2004

NEC Delivers Vector Supercomputer "SX-6" to University of Victoria

NEC announced that it has delivered four vector supercomputer "SX-6"systems to the University of Victoria (Victoria, Canada) through Cray, Inc. (James E. Rottsolk, President). The delivered systems are NEC's "SX-6/8A" (peak vector performance: 72 GFLOP/s - 72 billion floating-point operations per second, main memory capacity: 32 GB).

These SX-6 systems will be installed at University of Victoria's School of Earth and Ocean Sciences and will be utilized for climate and paleo climate research conducted in Western Canada. Offering user-friendliness and exceptionally powerful computational resources, the systems are highly expected to enable examination of fundamental scientific questions. The SX-6 will also be used to study the changes in the Earth's climate changes over the past 13,000 years as well as climates' influences on human beings.

The required time for the analysis of climatic simulations of the past 20,000 years on current computing systems is six months. However, the new SX-6 systems are expected to complete the same analysis in just one week, twenty times faster than conventional systems.

The SX-6 achieves high sustained performance by employing cutting-edge high-performance DRAM and a high-speed memory network crossbar switch. NEC achieved over three hundred worldwide sales of the SX-6 from wide a variety of industries such as meteorology, climate, aerospace, and automobile.

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