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Foundation for C&C Promotion Announces Recipients of 2005 C&C Prize
- Mr. Kei-ichi Enoki, Mr. Takeshi Natsuno, Ms. Mari Matsunaga, Dr. Robert E. Kahn, Dr. Lawrence G. Roberts, & Professor Leonard Kleinrock -

*****For immediate use November 17, 2005

Mr. Kei-ichi Enoki Mr. Takeshi Natsuno Ms. Mari Matsunaga
"Mr. Kei-ichi Enoki" "Mr. Takeshi Natsuno" "Ms. Mari Matsunaga"
Dr. Robert E. Kahn Dr. Lawrence G. Roberts Prof. Leonard Kleinrock
"Dr. Robert E. Kahn" "Dr. Lawrence G. Roberts" "Prof. Leonard Kleinrock"

Tokyo, November 17, 2005 --- Foundation for C&C Promotion today announced that the 2005 C&C Prize has been awarded to six individuals in two groups for their significant contributions to research and development in the area of C&C as stated below.

Recipients of this prize receive a certificate of merit, a plaque, and a cash award (10 million yen for each group).

The prize ceremony will be held on December 12 (Tuesday) from 3:00pm at Hotel Nikko Tokyo, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Acceptance speeches will follow the award presentation.

Group A

Mr. Kei-ichi Enoki President, NTT DoCoMo Tokai, Inc.
Mr. Takeshi Natsuno Senior Vice President, Multimedia Services,
NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
Ms. Mari Matsunaga Representative, Mari Matsunaga Office,
Director, BANDAI Co., Ltd.

For Creating the i-mode(R) System, which Dramatically Expanded Mobile Phone Services, and for Developing these Services into a Business Model that Has Been Implemented around the World

Mr. Enoki, Mr. Natsuno and Ms. Matsunaga at NTT DoCoMo, Inc. developed mobile phone data services that transcended the level of e-mail service and enabled users to view web-based contents over the Internet. By making it possible to pay for these services using a carrier fee collection agency service, they were able to tie them into the extremely popular ringer melody distribution service known in Japan as "chakumelo." They followed this with a broad business model built upon collaborative development with third parties that gave rise to many new services, including community net services, wallpaper images, and net banking. These services were picked up not only by NTT DoCoMo but also by all mobile phone carriers in Japan, creating a business environment in which income is generated by mobile Internet services in addition to conventional voice services. This is a particularly notable achievement in that this business model has become broadly accepted throughout the world and has expanded opportunities for developing new infrastructures, as evidenced by the introduction of digital mobile phone networks, packet networks, and Internet protocols. These achievements, made possible by the exceptional creativity and drive of the three award recipients, are held in high regard for their contributions to the growth of "computers and communication." Mari Matsunaga is the first woman to be named as a recipient in the 21-year history of the C&C Awards.

Group B

Dr. Robert E. Kahn President and CEO, Corporation for
National Research Initiatives (CNRI)
Dr. Lawrence G. Roberts CEO and President of Anagran, Inc.
Professor Leonard Kleinrock Professor of Computer Science Department
University of California, Los Angeles

For Contributions to Establishing the Foundation of Today's Internet Technology through the Concept of Packet Switching, Which Underlies the Backbone of Modern Telecommunications Networks, through the Invention of the Related TCP/IP Communications Protocols, and through the Design and Development of ARPANET and Other Early Computer Networks that were Part of the Initial Internet

The great success and popularity of the Internet are due to the efforts of a great many people, but it was the three members of Group B who truly created the technological foundation for its success. Prof. Kleinrock first created the basic principles and espoused the concept of "packet switching," which plays a central role in the foundation of computer-communication networks, while he was a graduate student at MIT. This concept later became the fundamental framework for the creation of global computer networks, the most prominent of which is the Internet. Dr. Roberts, at ARPA, was responsible for creating the first computer network, the ARPANET, and for its architecture and overall management. Dr. Kahn, at BBN, was responsible for the system design of the network and worked closely with Dr. Roberts and others at BBN on its implementation. It was in Prof. Kleinrock's laboratory at UCLA that the first node was installed and from which the first message was sent. In collaboration with Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, who won the C&C Award in 1996, Dr. Kahn invented TCP/IP, the communication protocol that allows different computer- communication networks to interoperate and the heterogeneous computers connected to them to communicate, even when they are on different networks. At DARPA, Dr. Kahn inititated the internetting program and achieved several practical applications along with Dr. Roberts.At the ICCC72 conference, with help from many researchers in the nascent field of computer networking, Dr. Kahn, with the help of Dr. Roberts, orchestrated a demonstration of the ARPANET in a public setting with 40 different computers connected to the network and able to interoperate. This public demonstration brought ARPANET into the global spotlight, and led to the framework of the Internet as we know it today. These three individuals have received this award in recognition of their achievements in helping to create the Internet, which has become an integral part of the lives of people around the world.

The C&C Prize started in 1985 and is awarded to distinguished persons in recognition of outstanding contributions to research and development in the fields of semiconductors, computers and telecommunications, and their integrated technologies (Integration of Computers and Communications: C&C) or research in the social aspects of these fields. Recipients of this prize receive a certificate of merit, a plaque, and a cash award (10 million yen for each group).

 The Foundation would like to invite members of the general public to attend the award ceremony. Please access the following website to apply.
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The website also accepts applications for the Commemorative Lectures being given by all of the recipients of the prize on Tuesday, December 13 at Tokyo Conference Center (Iidabashi, Tokyo).

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