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SX-9 Specifications

  Multi-node Single-node
2 - 512 nodes*3 1 node
SX-9 SX-9/A SX-9/B
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Number of CPUs 32 - 8,192 8-16 4-8
Logical Peak Performance*1 3.8T - 969.9TFLOPS 947.2G - 1,894.4GFLOPS 473.6G - 947.2GFLOPS
Peak Vector Performance*2 3.3T - 838.9TFLOPS 819.2G - 1,638.4GFLOPS 409.6G - 819.2GFLOPS
Main Memory Unit (MMU)
Memory Architecture Shared and distributed memory Shared memory
Capacity 1T - 512TB 512GB、1TB 256GB,512GB
Peak Data Transfer Rate 2048TB/s 4TB/s 2TB/s
Internode Crossbar Switch (IXS)
Peak Data Transfer Rate 128GB/s×2 bidirectional (per node) -


Peak performance includes the theoretical operation rate of the vector add, multiply, divide and square root units as well as the scalar unit.
Peak vector performance is traditionally based on the multiply and add vector units.
System with more than 128 nodes require special ordering.

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