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NEC and SAP Expand Scope of Global Alliance
NEC aims to enhance enterprise solutions business through increased collaboration

*****For immediate use February 19, 2008

Tokyo, February 19, 2008 - NEC Corporation (NEC) and SAP Japan (SAP) today announced that they have agreed to expand the scope of their global alliance to include joint development, marketing and sales of enterprise solutions.

As part of SAP Japan's ambition to strengthen the global capability set of Japan's best run businesses enhanced collaboration with NEC will include:

  1. Integration of NEC IT platform products, hardware and software, in SAP solutions, and joint marketing activities.
  2. Joint development and marketing of system integration (SI) solutions.
  3. Joint development of application service business.
  4. Collaboration on workforce training and R&D activities.

NEC will leverage the alliance to strengthen its SAP-focused sales and other workforce first in the high-growth Asian markets, aiming to boost the current number of employees from 300 to 600 by 2010. NEC and SAP will then expand coverage to other regions globally in the future.

This newly formed alliance is expected to significantly enhance NEC's SAP-related business, and also expand the array of NEC technology platforms running SAP solutions. As a result of this alliance, NEC customers in Japan will have new Enterprise SOA-based enterprise solutions with which to run their businesses, and SAP customers globally will have the option of deploying their mission-critical business applications on NEC's world-class IT infrastructure.

To compliment the new alliance, NEC has also agreed to conclude the global technology partnership agreement with SAP AG. Under this agreement, NEC will open an NEC SAP Competence Center at SAP's head office in Germany this April.

"We believe this will be one of the great milestones for NEC and SAP in achieving growth," said Yoichiro Yatsurugi, President and CEO, SAP Japan. "By strengthening the partnership with NEC through this extended global alliance, NEC and SAP will deliver distinctive IT solutions to their customers to assure they maintain their competitive advantages."

"The new NEC SAP Competence Center will verify server storage feasibility for SAP platforms to enable rapid delivery of optimal platform products to the global market," said Saburo Takizawa, Executive Vice President and Member of the Board, NEC Corporation. "We believe this new global alliance with SAP will empower NEC to expand its global IT solutions business even further by providing products that not only meet, but surpass, our customers' requirements."

Further details of the new areas of collaboration

Integration of NEC IT platform products, hardware and software, in SAP solutions, and joint marketing activities
The alliance will rollout collaborative marketing and promotion activities, and will conduct joint validation activities to ensure NEC server storage compatibility with SAP solutions. The companies will both sell these solutions, initially targeting the Asian market. The alliance will also cover the security and operations management fields, where NEC software products will be integrated with SAP-related solutions for OEM sales.

Joint development and marketing of SI solutions
Leveraging SAP's SOA* "SAP NetWeaver(R)", new SAP(R) ERP and NEC solutions will be developed on the back of existing industry-specific solutions. The companies will conduct joint marketing activities and target sales of new offerings towards the manufacturing, distribution and financial industries. NEC is already involved in a partnership with SAP ERP on 5 types of solutions, including the production management solution, "SFCPOP/J", and Japan's top selling PDM solution, "Obbligato II", and aims to use the new alliance to enhance the existing line up.

Joint development of application service business in the Asian region
The alliance will enable joint provision of services utilizing SAP application software in the Asian region. These services will initially be deployed in Singapore and other English-speaking countries in Asia, with plans to later expand to China and Japan. SAP will provide product development for the undertaking, as well as software operation and maintenance services. NEC will provide the infrastructure environment supporting the application service business platform, as well as conduct licensing sales to clients and offer service customization. The companies will work together on validation activities.

Collaboration on workforce training and R&D activities
Tapping into the extensive resources of SAP AG, NEC will provide training to Group employees that support SAP Business. The companies will then team up to provide training to partner and client companies. On a research and development level, the alliance will promote joint development of biometric authentication technology and other new technology-driven solutions.

As existing links with SAP continue to be expanded and developed, NEC believes the new alliance will accelerate global business expansion while further strengthening SAP's presence in the Asian region.

About NEC Corporation
NEC Corporation is one of the world's leading providers of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of its diverse and global base of customers. NEC delivers tailored solutions in the key fields of computer, networking and electron devices, by integrating its technical strengths in IT and Networks, and by providing advanced semiconductor solutions through NEC Electronics Corporation. The NEC Group employs more than 150,000 people worldwide. For additional information, please visit the NEC home page at:

About SAP Japan
SAP Japan, established in 1992, is the Japanese subsidiary of SAP AG, the world's leading company in the enterprise software field. Powered by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform to drive innovation and enable business change, SAP provides various solutions that enable configuration for enterprise resource planning (ERP), supplier relationship management (SRM), supply chain management (SCM), customer relations management (CRM), enterprise portals, and product lifecycle management (PLM). Today, more than 46,100 companies of small businesses and midsize companies to global organizations in 120 countries run SAP applications worldwide. SAP products integrate all kinds of business processes within and between enterprises, making those processes more efficient. SAP solution portfolios support the unique business processes of more than 25 industries, including high tech, retail, financial services, healthcare and the public sector. SAP products are helping to promote the spread of IT among Japanese businesses, as well as enhancing international competitiveness and corporate value. <>




Service Oriented Architecture: architectural style for constructing computer systems by meshing collaborative services.

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