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Functional Overview of the "NC7500-VD" VoD Server

(1) Management Server Functions

  • Guarantees carrier-grade reliability by adopting NEC's high-availability middleware that enjoys a proven track record in the telecom's arena.
  • Enables planned contents distribution to multiple points located away from the center when large-volume delivery is required.
  • Features flexible load-balancing functions to accommodate load on each VoD server.
  • An effective one-time URL for single viewing guarantees security.
  • Allows access control for each user and/or contents.
  • Integrated management of delivery server viewing log. Can be linked with billing and customer management systems.

(2) Delivery Server Functions

  • Supports MPEG-1/2 and H.264 High Profile images, and features a voice CODEC compatible with MPEG-2/4 AAC 5.1ch surround.
  • Achieves real-time encoding of contents based on Marlin DRM specifications to meet robust security needs (scheduled for 2008)
  • Shaping functions keep traffic swings to a minimum by controlling the transmission of video data and curbing wide-ranging fluctuations in data volume.
  • The Pro-MPECG FEC (Forward Error Correction) function adds redundancy to data delivery to prevent video quality deterioration due to packet loss
  • The allocation of a secondary delivery server guarantees continuous video streaming in the event of delivery server malfunctions.

(3)Functions Delivered by Incorporating IPTV Middleware

  • Network PVR, time-shifting functions
  • Recommendation functions (scheduled for 2008)
    Preference-oriented contents recommendation based on user viewing history and attributes
  • Ad delivery functions (scheduled for 2008)
    Delivery of user-appropriate advertising based on user viewing history and attributes

Connection Configuration with QualiTVision

Connection Configuration with QualiTVision

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