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NEC Launches the "ECO CENTER" Energy-Saving Server


***For immediate use May 26, 2008



Tokyo, May 26, 2008 - NEC Corporation announced today that it has concluded development on the "ECO CENTER," a specialized space and energy-saving server whose marketing activities are scheduled to commence immediately.

The ECO CENTER consumes up to 55% less power, occupies 50% less space and is approximately 58% lighter than conventional servers due to the leveraging of cutting edge NEC technologies, such as highly efficient batteries, the optimum cooling functions of high-density packaging, and the adoption of advanced low power CPUs, chipsets and memory.

The ECO CENTER achieves maximum energy-saving benefits by capitalizing on the optimization technology of NEC's "Sigma System Center" integrated with VMware's "VMware(R) ESX 3.5" (note 1*) to streamline allocation of operations in response to hardware demands.

"Loaded with such advanced technologies, the ECO CENTER is ideally suited for the large-scale application servers and Web servers being used in major enterprises and government agency data centers," said Mr. Yukio Ito, Senior Vice President, NEC Corporation. With energy-saving IT devices attracting considerable attention in the battle against global warming, NEC intends to actively market the ECO CENTER as the core product in its "REAL IT COOL PROJECT." An initiative that aims to cut the power used by customer IT platforms by 50% year on year, and to realize a cumulative reduction in CO2 emissions from IT devices by approximately 910,000 tons by 2012.

New Product Features

  1. Electrical Power Conservation
    The ECO CENTER incorporates batteries that require 20% less electrical power than conventional power supply unit. Furthermore, its server components are optimally located to maximize cooling airflow, which reduces the system's temperature and amount of electricity required to operate.
    The system also features Intel's latest power saving CPU advancements through the low voltage "Quad Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor L5420." (note 2*) Moreover, the most recent power conservation technologies, including chip sets, memory and more, enable the ECO CENTER to decrease power consumption by 55% when compared to earlier systems.

  2. Space Conservation / Weight Reduction
    The ECO CENTER's dedicated housing is specially designed for easy storage as a compact server module consisting of 2 servers. Each housing unit measures 2 meters tall with a 128-processor / 512-core maximum capacity. The space required to store each unit has been reduced by as much as 50% in comparison to conventional equipment.

    The server module is also composed of aluminum materials, and features cores mounted with 512-core capabilities. Furthermore, the module's weight of 540kg is approximately 58% lighter when compared to previously available servers.

  3. Electricity Conservation through the latest Technology Optimizations
    The most valuable element of the system's electricity conservation is met through a combination of "VMware ESX 3.5" optimization and the integrated "Sigma System Center" platform management software, which optimally positions operations in response to burdens placed on the hardware (application servers).

Future measures with the "Sigma System Center" to reduce electricity consumption through optimization include a planned collaboration with the "Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition" (note 3*) from Citrix Systems. Moreover, the correspondence to "Hyper-V" contained in "Windows Server(R) 2008" (note 4*) is also planned.

The ECO CENTER is also expected to support "Windows Server 2003," "Windows Server 2008," and "Red Hat Enterprise Linux." (note 5*, 6*)

NEC forecasts to begin shipment of the ECO CENTER to overseas markets, including the U.S., Europe and Asia by September 2008.

NEC will continue to enhance its products and services under the "REAL IT PLATFORM" vision to achieve a more flexible, secure and user friendly IT environment.

NEC received the following endorsements.

Citrix Systems

"We are very excited about the launch of NEC's power-saving server, ECO CENTER. Citrix XenServer(TM) is virtualization software with high performance and high-functionality for organizations of all sizes around the globe. Citrix Systems has been focused on management of virtual environments, and NEC has extensive experience in system management including virtual environments. With NEC, we will strive together to further explore the virtualization market."

The ECO CENTER is a product integrating the features of Citrix XenServer with NEC's hardware technologies and system management technologies. We aim to continue advancing towards a future of large-enterprise servers, and look forward to the success of the ECO CENTER.

Peter Levin
Senior Vice President and General Manager,
Virtualization and Management Division
Citrix Systems

Intel Corporation

NEC's announcement of the ECO CENTER using quad-core 45nm high-k metal gate transistor based low-voltage Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors will address the increasing requirements for performance, energy efficiency and virtualization flexibility for the most demanding datacenter customers.
Intel and NEC have a long history of joint innovation, and this announcement builds on that deep heritage of collaboration.

Kirk Skaugen
Vice President and General Manager Server Platforms Group
Intel Corporation

Microsoft Corporation

Energy-efficient computing is a top priority for businesses and organizations seeking to control costs and greenhouse gas emissions. We look forward to supporting NEC with the ECO CENTER and extend the benefits of Windows Server 2008 to our customers across the globe.

Bill Laing
General Manager
Windows Server Division
Microsoft Corporation

Red Hat, Inc

Red Hat welcomes the release of the new NEC ECO CENTER server. Together with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, ECO CENTER meets the needs of enterprise customers who need a high level of scalability and availability required for mission-critical applications in a cost effective manner.

Alex Pinchev
Executive Vice President and President Global Sales, Services, and Field
Red Hat, Inc.

VMware Japan

VMware Japan is pleased to support the announcement of the new ECO CENTER server from NEC. This most recent announcement builds on a long-standing partnership between the two companies that have brought strong and innovative joint solutions to customers in Japan. The ECO Center servers coupled with VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3, the VMware market-leading virtualization platform, gives customers substantial savings in electricity consumption, space, CO2 emissions and cooling costs.

Yasuo Miki
Country Manager,
VMware Japan

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