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NEC Delivers Directors' Meeting System to Daikin Industries - "UNIVERGE Directors' Meeting Solution" creates secure, efficient meeting environment -

***For immediate use September 30, 2008

Tokyo, September 30, 2008 - NEC Corporation today announced the delivery of its "UNIVERGE Directors' Meeting Solution" to Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka City; COO: Yukiyoshi Okano; hereinafter "Daikin Industries"), which assures improved security and efficiency of corporate management proceedings.

The "UNIVERGE Directors' Meeting Solution" is a paperless meeting system that provides a user friendly interface for secure, efficient conferences where Directors may easily access meeting materials. The solution incorporates all of the latest components required to conduct Directors' meetings, including a control panel designed for smooth system operations, and audio devices, such as microphones and speakers, that are automatically adjusted to suit the voice of the person speaking. The system may also be configured to meet personalized customer needs, which includes English compatibility and a booth for simultaneous interpretation, which are essential for Directors' meetings in global corporations such as Daikin Industries.

Daikin Industries’ dynamic approach to corporate governance incorporates, "The UNIVERGE Director’s Meeting solution promotes and increases decision-making speed and efficiency in the context of the company's global management implementation. In preparation for the system’s delivery, NEC and Daikin Industries conducted collaborative studies in order to ensure that the system performed a wide range of diversified processes and fulfilled operational needs.

Following is an outline of the new system’s main features.

(1) Smooth system operations enable clear decision-making with a focus on discussions

  • Participants can refer to materials on a tabletop monitor (*1), make notes and turn pages using a stylus, and emphasize key elements of an explanation using a marker. Since interruptions that commonly plague conventional meetings, such as switching between a variety of cluttered materials, are significantly reduced, the system promotes efficient discussions and decision-making.
  • English client software is provided for attending English-speaking Directors.

(2) Central management of materials strengthens security compliance and increases efficiency

  • Meeting materials can be managed centrally on a server, with restricted access as required. This prevents information leaks, and promotes strengthened compliance with Daikin Industries' security policies.
  • Participants can save or share materials as needed with a single click on their monitor screen. This increases staff efficiency, both before and after conferences (e.g., distribution of materials), and enables the results of deliberations to be shared quickly and securely.

NEC plans to leverage its experience developing the UNIVERGE Directors' Meeting system in order to expand global applications, which includes security improvements and functions that enable meetings to be held in multi-languages simultaneously. Looking forward, NEC will also propose innovative developments throughout a variety of work environments that facilitate efficient meeting operations for companies spanning a wide range of industries.

Representatives of Daikin Industries, Ltd. will give a presentation on the new UNIVERGE Directors' Meeting Solution at the C&C Users’ Forum and iEXPO 2008 (November 11, 2008 15:10-16:10  Workshop H-2; Venue: Tokyo International Forum).



An input/output device that combines a stylus for indicating positions on a screen and a panel that detects the position of the stylus.

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