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NEC Announces “PASOLINK NEO iP,” a high capacity, highly intelligent, compact Microwave and Multi-service Switching Communications System ~ PASOLINK, Surpasses 1 million Shipments~

<Appendix>PASOLINK NEO iP Overview

  1. More than 1 Gbps transmission capacity
    •high speed/high capacity transmission for wireless broadband.
  2. Pseudo Wire
    •The transition of existing signals to IP, including TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) etc., thereby making transmission through Ethernet circuits possible.
  3. MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)
    •Standard IETF label switch technologies enabling high speed/high capacity IP transmission.
  4. AMR features (Adaptive Modulation Radio) linked QoS functions
    •Controlled transmission capacity through wireless transmission paths that secure communications speed and evade transmission errors.
  5. Bandwidth: Management, Ethernet OAM (Operations, Administration &Maintenance)
    •Operational stability and bandwidth management of Ethernet circuit IP signals in order to secure QoS.


 PDH/SDH common platform system supports 6-52GHz wide frequency band

 Compact designed system for low transmission capacity up to 80Mbps

 Multi- direction wireless transmission system for nodal solution.

PASOLINK NEO High Performance(HP)
 High capacity system (400Mbps) supports IP transmission, carrier class GbE Interface, 256 QAM vast modulation variations

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