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NEC's PASOLINK Named "Mobile Backhaul Vender of the Year"
By Telecom Asia Magazine


***For immediate use December 8, 2008

Tokyo, December 8, 2008 - NEC Corporation (NEC) announced today that PASOLINK, an ultra-compact microwave communications system, received Telecom Asia Reader's Choice Award in the Mobile Backhaul Vender category.

Telecom Asia Reader's Choice Awards are intended for venders/suppliers of innovative products that cultivate new markets in the Asian Pacific rim. These awards consist of fifteen categories including microwave backhaul, core network and IPTV. The awards process begins in early October with the selection of three to four venders by industry analysts, consultants and senior telecom carrier members. The readers of Telecom Asia magazine then select their top choices in each category.

Mobile backhaul is currently undergoing two major transformations. First, the introduction of HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) is dramatically increasing data transmission, and secondly, networks are transitioning to IP in order to cost effectively transport the growing volume of data. Mobile network operators are seeking to optimize the delivery and use of mobile backhaul systems to efficiently provide consumers with high capacity data services at a lower overall cost.

NEC announced new "PASOLINK NEO IP" product in October 2008 that adopt all IP network based mobile backhaul protocols between base stations using pseudo wire (note 1) and MPLS functions (note 2).

NEC views today's award as recognition of these innovative new achievements. PASOLINK also received this year's "Good Design Award" (note 3) from Japan's Industrial Design Promotion Organization.

More than one million PASOLINK systems have been shipped and installed throughout 136 countries across the world as of September 2008. NEC will continue to develop and promote additional mobile backhaul business as one of the market's leading venders.

For more details of Telecom Asia Readers' Choice Awards, please find following site.

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(Note 1)

Pseudo wire: Converts existing signals, such as TDM (Time Division Multiplexing), into IP protocol that can be transmitted via Ethernet.

(Note 2)

MPLS Function: IETF standard label switch technology for sending heavy loads of data faster via IP network.

(Note 3)

Good Design Award: The "Quality Design Award" is Japan's only comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system of its kind. A total of 6 NEC products received recognition, including PASOLINK, mobile phones and notebook PCs.

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