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NEC Express5800/A1160 Scalable HA Server Achieves
Another World Record Performance in OLTP Benchmark

*** For immediate use: April 2 , 2009

Tokyo, April 2, 2009 - NEC Corporation today announced that its latest enterprise server, the "NEC Express5800 Scalable HA Server" has set another world record tpsE (transactions/second) score in the industry standard TPC-E(*1) performance benchmark.

This winning score was 1,568.22tpsE at $1,180.01 USD per tpsE(*2). The record-setting performance was achieved using the NEC Express5800/A1160(*3) with Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor 7400 series powered by Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Server 2008 and SQL Server(R) 2008 together with NEC's innovative Enterprise Modular Storage D3-10 system.

The NEC Express5800/A1160 features state of the art NEC server technology with an up to 4 cabinet scalable building block architecture using the high speed HSI technology to connect the blocks. This combination brings out the full potential of the Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor 7400 series' performance scalability.

"The world record proves the leadership performance and scalability with mission critical level reliability of the NEC Express5800/A1160 over single OS and database instance," said Takayuki Noguchi, General Manager, Enterprise Server Division of NEC Corporation. "The NEC Express5800/A1160 also recently set the world record SPECjbb2005(*4) score among all other servers with up to 16 processor sockets in the SPEC Java Server benchmark by using multiple Java Virtual Machines(*5). NEC believes these results demonstrate that the NEC Express5800/A1160 is a proven and ideal mission critical server product for both large server consolidation of platforms with multiple virtual machines and for powerful backend systems such as database servers that use a single OS/DBMS instance."

NEC is committed to providing mission critical server system solutions with the NEC Express 5800 Scalable HA Server products taking advantage of their advanced performance and rich reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features.

Performance Results
Throughput 1,568.22 tpsE
Price/Performance $1,180.01 USD per tpsE
Availability Date March 18, 2009

Measured System
Server NEC Express5800/A1160
Processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor X7460 (2.66GHz/16MB L3 cache)
Number of processors 16
Number of processor cores 64
Number of processor threads 64
System Memory 512GB
Data Storage NEC Storage D3-10
Operating System Microsoft (R) Windows Server(R) 2008 Datacenter x64 Edition
Database Software Microsoft(R) SQL Server 2008(R) Enterprise x64 Edition

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NEC is a registered trademark of NEC Corporation. Intel and Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. Microsoft, Windows Server and SQL Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. TPC Benchmark, TPC-E and tpsE are trademarks of the Transaction Processing Performance Council. SPEC and the benchmark name SPECjbb are trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

(C)2009 NEC Corporation. All rights reserved.



TPC-E is a new-generation industry-standard benchmark that is designed to be broadly representative of modern OLTP systems. The benchmark simulates a brokerage firm with customers, accounts and holdings, where customers trade stocks and monitor their accounts and the market.


Source: Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC). The competitive benchmark results stated in this press release reflect results published on as of March 18, 2009. NEC Express 5800/A1160, 1,568.22 tpsE, $ 1,180.01 USD per tpsE; Availability Date: Mar 18, 2009. Availability Dates are those for the North American Market.


Product reference to a model in the North American market. A 4-box configuration was used in this benchmark.


SPECjbb (Java Server Benchmark) developed by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, is a benchmark for evaluating the performance of server side Java. SPECjbb2005 evaluates the performance of server side Java by emulating a three-tier client/server system.


Source: The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
The competitive benchmark results stated in this press release reflect results published on as of February 25, 2009. For the latest SPECjbb2005 benchmark results, visit
- NEC, NEC Express 5800/A1160 (16 chips, 96 cores, 96 threads), 2,150,260 SPECjbb2005 bops, 134,391 SPECjbb2005 bops/JVM

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Rie Hoshino
NEC Corporation

Joseph Jasper
NEC Corporation

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