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NEC Offers World's First Ubiquitous Business Support System Using Retinal Imaging Displays and Wearable Computers

*** For immediate use October 26, 2009

Tokyo, October 26, 2009 - NEC Corporation announced today the start of sales for "Tele Scouter(TM)" in Japan, a ubiquitous business support system using spectacle-type retinal imaging displays and wearable computer terminals.

The Tele Scouter(TM) package consists of a retinal imaging display, produced by Brother Industries, Ltd. (Head Office: Nagoya, Japan; President: Toshikazu Koike), that displays virtual images on top of real objects, a wearable computer terminal, that manages both the display of content and wireless communications with a central server, as well as a compact camera, microphone and earphones.

This innovative system enables individuals who are wearing Tele Scouter(TM) components to send and receive audio and video, to access important documents using wireless network connections to a central server, and to view them all through Brother Industries' independently developed high-definition image projection technologies. Remotely located project leaders and managers are also able to share audio and video, which allows them to provide worksites with valuable business support.

For example, a factory or warehouse manager wearing the retinal imaging display is able to view a product's manufacturing instructions or picking information in order to ensure proper assembly and delivery. Furthermore, the wearable computer allows project sites and remote offices to mutually share important information, including video and operations manuals, in order to realize manufacturing efficiency and improved safety.

NEC aims to begin shipments of Tele Scouter(TM) in November 2010, and to sell approximately 1,000 Tele Scouter(TM) systems within the first three years of availability. The company also seeks to gradually deploy the system to international markets. Looking forward, NEC plans to capitalize on the combination of its image and audio recognition technologies to provide a wide range of innovative new services, including stolen car detection, automatic language interpretation and content display and distribution based on voice recognition.

"Brother Industries, Ltd. has been actively developing technologies for retinal imaging displays in order to commercialize it in fiscal year 2010," said Jun Kamiya, executive officer, Brother Industries. "This partnership with NEC enables us to provide the display to a leading edge business support system as we aim to rapidly expand market presence."

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