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NEC Deploys New Digital Terrestrial TV Transmitters for
One of the UK's Leading Broadcasting Companies --- Arqiva enables BBC to launch world's first DVB-T2 digital terrestrial network ---

*** For immediate use December 10, 2009

Tokyo, December 10, 2009 - NEC Corporation (NEC) today announced the first deployment of its new DVB-T2 (*1) digital terrestrial TV broadcast transmitters on behalf of Arqiva, a communications infrastructure and media services company. The transmitters will enable Arqiva and the BBC (*2), one of the UK's public service broadcasters, to launch the world's first DVB-T2 digital terrestrial broadcast service from December 2, 2009.

NEC's deployment of these DVB-T2 digital TV transmitters supports part of an agreement between Arqiva and the BBC to update one of the BBC's existing DVB-T digital terrestrial multiplexes to the new DVB-T2 standard.

The DVB-T2 technology will deliver an increase in capacity of 67% to the BBC's Multiplex B, efficiently creating the space needed for UK public service broadcasters' HD transmissions. The BBC and Arqiva will be the first organizations in the world to deploy the DVB-T2 technology into full operational service across an entire transmission network.

"In 1998, NEC supplied digital transmitters to the UK for the start of the world's first commercial digital terrestrial broadcasting service," said David Payette, President & CEO at NEC UK. "Now, we are proud to be able to use our years of experience in broadcasting equipment, and digital TV transmitters in particular, to support the world's first DVB-T2 digital terrestrial broadcast network."

NEC is a highly accomplished total solution provider of broadcasting systems, having supplied radio, analog, and digital transmitters and studio equipment to customers in more than 110 countries worldwide over the past eight decades. On the strength of its extensive business history with broadcasting stations, NEC has built up the know-how and experience needed to supply and support customers with the most advanced and reliable systems available. This expertise stands out in the digital TV transmitter field in particular. Specifically related to terrestrial broadcasting systems, NEC has delivered to more than 30 countries, including Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Japan, India, Morocco, India and Brazil. NEC has globally supplied more than 1,900 digital TV transmitter systems, establishing itself as a leading worldwide supplier of digital TV transmitter equipment.

Looking forward, NEC will continue to capitalize on its wide range of deployments to provide digital broadcast transmitters and video solutions for both domestic and international broadcasting businesses and communications carriers.

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(*1) DVB-T2

Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial 2nd Generation

(*2) BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation

NEC Press Contact (Japan)

Kosuke Yamauchi
NEC Corporation

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