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NEC Launches New ERP Cloud Service Systems in Cooperation with SAP

*** For immediate use November 4, 2010

Tokyo, November 4, 2010 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the establishment of a new cooperative partnership with SAP AG (SAP, *1) and the launch of pioneering ERP cloud service systems.

In this partnership, NEC adopts "SAP(R) ERP" as application software in the enterprise core system area of NEC's Cloud Oriented Data Centers (CODC, *2), which NEC is planning to globally develop. Also within the partnership, SAP enables NEC to provide customers a subscription model through NEC's cloud services with features of SAP's ERP package software.

NEC is the first partner company to offer such SAP-services and also the first Japanese cloud services provider whose data centers have been recognized by SAP as "SAP Cloud Services-certified" (*3).

NEC will begin services by globally providing features of "SAP(R) ERP" to Japanese companies through its SAP certified CODC. This worldwide expansion is expected to continue following discussions with SAP to reach additional businesses throughout the world's major markets.

NEC has transformed its core enterprise system into a cloud service system based on "SAP(R) ERP." The new system, which covers all main areas of business, including finance, sales and procurement, is successfully in operation throughout NEC Group companies worldwide. NEC is now leveraging its experience with these core enterprise systems to promote external sales of SAP(R) ERP cloud services, including additional functions that were developed for NEC's internal use. External sales promotions will begin with manufacturing related industries and expand to other fields. Furthermore, as a result of its internal business process and IT transformation, NEC can provide both consulting services and smoothly deploy effective systems for users.

NEC is planning to achieve a global service network by developing CODC and promoting cloud computing services focused on core systems throughout the world's major markets.

In the core system area, some of the most important applications are the globally-applicable ERP systems and SAP's ERP package software, "SAP(R) ERP," which has received critical acclaim from a wide range of users. In response to growing market demand for "SAP(R) ERP" cloud services, SAP is reviewing cooperation with service vendors who can provide one stop solutions from service infrastructure to applications.

This cooperative partnership is the result of an alignment between NEC and SAP needs. NEC will provide the global market with new value added services in the enterprise core system area by positioning "SAP(R) ERP" as a core service menu in NEC's cloud services, while SAP certifies NEC's CODC as cloud service infrastructure for SAP solutions services.

"We are pleased to enter a new phase in our partnership with SAP, and to launch new cloud services featuring "SAP(R) ERP" functions," said Yukihiro Fujiyoshi, Senior Executive Vice President and Member of the Board, NEC Corporation. "NEC will capitalize on its achievements with internally implementing mission critical systems, and its long-time cooperative relationship with SAP, to provide customers with highly reliable cloud services for mission critical systems and to globally promote the growth of ERP cloud service systems."

"Based on its best-practice know-how in deploying and operating SAP ERP solutions in a cloud environment, NEC is well positioned to deliver integrated business solutions that help companies to quickly respond to changing business, market and industry requirements," said Doug Merritt, executive vice president on-demand solutions, SAP AG. "This partnership further underscores our commitment to establishing a successful ecosystem in the area of cloud computing and thus expanding our offering to the advantage of our customers."


*1) SAP AG

SAP is the world's leading provider of business software (*), offering applications and services that enable companies of all sizes, in more than 25 industries, to become best-run businesses. With more than 102,500 customers in over 120 countries, the company is listed on several exchanges, including the Frankfurt stock exchange and NYSE, under the symbol "SAP." For more information, visit

*2) Cloud Oriented Data Centers

Datacenters that feature base systems for providing services that are built from system models (a combination of specialized hardware products, operating systems and middleware) using NEC's proven technologies and core systems. The datacenters provide highly reliable application services that are well suited for business utilization, including core systems. In addition to its domestic sites, NEC is establishing and networking cloud oriented datacenters throughout the world. Integrated operational monitoring centers that carry out global observations enable the provision of highly efficient, superior quality global service network operations.

*3) SAP Cloud Services-certified

"SAP Cloud Services-certified " is achieved by satisfying a series of environmental criteria for data centers as defined by SAP for data center security levels and operation management levels, as well as the robustness, service level and support structure of cloud services deployed with a data center. NEC is the first vendor in Japan to secure this certification.

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