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NEC Launches the Latest Tele Scouter(R)
"Wearable Computer" to Support Field Operations

[ Tele Scouter(R) ] [ In the Field ]
[ Tele Scouter(R) ]」 [ In the Field ]

*** For immediate use October 17, 2011

Tokyo, October 17, 2011 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the launch of sales in Japan for the latest version of Tele Scouter(R), the company's "wearable computer" that supports field operations for a wide range of industries.

The Tele Scouter system consists of specialized glasses with a head-mounted display that provides clear and transparent video to part of a user's range of vision by communicating with a compact computer that delivers video and other content. The system can also be provided with camera-equipped glasses, microphones and earphones, making it ideal for supporting a company's remote field operations, including maintenance and assembly duties.

The new Tele Scouter features a high-resolution LCD head-mounted display with improved image quality and visibility (*1), a compact computer that is more lightweight and Bluetooth, which improves the system's ability to communicate with external devices.

In the future, face recognition, voice recognition and big data from cloud computing may also be used with the system in order to provide augmented reality and entertainment applications.

Primary features of the latest Tele Scouter are as follows:

1) New head-mounted display with improved image quality and visibility

The new head-mounted display features a high-resolution LCD panel in the light source (*2), which enables easy adjustment of the display's position as well as improved image quality and visibility (*1).

2) Compact and lightweight computer

The size and weight of Tele Scouter's computer was reduced by 50% (*1) by adopting smaller components and optimizing their placement. This enables users to comfortably wear the computer on their belts and supports "hands-free" operations.

3) Bluetooth communications with external devices

Tele Scouter's support for Bluetooth communications enables it to connect to external devices, including bar-code readers and sensors, which can contribute to the performance of companies spanning a wide range of industries.

4) Remote business support software

Specialized Tele Scouter application software supports remote business operations. When used in conjunction with camera-equipped glasses, microphone and earphones, Tele Scouter enables a company's employee in the field to remotely send images and communicate with headquarters in real time. Headquarters can then respond by sending images of an instruction manual, for example, that helps the employee to resolve a certain issue.

Sales of Tele Scouter are scheduled to begin in Japan from 26 December 2011.

Looking forward, NEC will continue to develop and customize application software that satisfies customer demands and to provide development environments for software vendors. Tele Scouter connected with cloud service platforms may be available in the future. Markets outside of Japan may also be taken into consideration.

NEC will exhibit Tele Scouter at the "C&C User Forum & iEXPO 2011" from 10 to 11 November at the Tokyo International Forum (Yurakucho).


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Compared to the Tele Scouter announced on October 26, 2009.


The head-mounted display utilizes "AirScouter" from Brother Industries, Ltd. (Head Office: Nagoya, Japan; Representative Director & President: Toshikazu Koike). AirScouter is connected to NEC's compact computer with a proprietary connector.

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