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NEC Expands Lineup of Android(TM) Terminals - Sales Begin for the stylish new business oriented "LT-B" -

Cloud Communicator - LT-B

Cloud Communicator - LT-B

*** For immediate use November 9, 2011

Tokyo, November 9, 2011 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the launch of a new Android(TM) based terminal, the business oriented "LT-B," as a part of expanding its Cloud Communicator "LT" series for users in Japan.

The LT-B provides high cost performance through the processing power of a dual core CPU and a wide variety of capabilities that include battery switching, business security functions and water resistance.

The LT-B features a stylish new design with a 7-inch wide glossy liquid crystal display in a flat casing that is 20% smaller than existing models (*1).

Since NEC launched the first "LT" in November 2010, the company has released a series of innovative models that satisfy a growing range of customer needs through links with a variety of services and business partners.

Current LT models offer a user friendly design for all ages that includes a 4-way directional button and a stylus compatible screen (*2) for supporting a wide range of private and professional needs.

The new LT-B supports each of these features, as well as a stylish new design and compact body that are ideal for retail, office and business activity in the field.

Key features of the LT-B are as follows:

  1. Enhanced performance
    • The high-speed, power-saving, dual-core CPU, "OMAP4430 1GHz," enables applications to boot up and operate smoothly.

    • Equipped with a static touch panel and vivid glossy liquid crystal display. The touch panel enables users to intuitively control displays with the touch of a finger (*3).

    • Equipped with a 5 mega-pixel, high-resolution, auto-focus camera.

  2. User friendly functions
    • The LT-B enables users to easily change batteries on their own, without the need for a service center or time consuming professional maintenance. This ability to independently change batteries (*4) ensures that LT-B users can carry multiple backup batteries for long-time use while away from the office.

    • Security functions that enable business users to safely and securely connect with internal company networks from remote field locations without fear of fraudulent use.

    • Wireless LAN handover functions (*5) enable a smooth transition between multiple wireless LAN access points.

    • Water resistant.

Looking forward, NEC will continue to enhance its lineup of LT products in order to satisfy the growing needs of both private and professional users.

The LT-B is on display at the "C&C User Forum & iEXPO 2011" on November 10 and 11 at the Tokyo International Forum.



Existing LT models: Approximately 220mm width, 120mm height, 14mm thickness.
New LT-B models: Approximately 202.5mm width, 121.8 height, 11.9 thickness.


Not including the LT static touch panel model.


Hardware supports four points of contact. Application required for four points of contact.


Additional batteries purchased separately.

*5) Wireless LAN Handover Function:

A function that enables devices to automatically locate and connect to the most suitable wireless LAN access point as a device is transported through an area with multiple access points.

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