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For your immediate use, October 15, 1996

NEC Introduces World's First PNNI Routing Capability to NEC's ATM Switching System

NEC Corporation announced that PNNI (Private Network-to-Network Interface) routing capability, which supports large scale hierarchical network has been developed on NEC's ATOMIS Series' ATM switching systems as the software named 'ATOMWARE'. Tentatively beta Version of its software is released for Japanese market. ATOMIS Series with 'ATOMWARE' is scheduled to be released primarily to Japanese market at the end of this year.

PNNI is the indispensable routing/signaling protocol to build the large-scale multimedia network with ATM technology. It was standardized in April 1996 at the ATM Forum. The PNNI function will realize following network features;

NEC's PNNI software 'ATOMWARE' features are to support the hierarchical network model defined at the ATM Forum PNNI Ver.1 spec. and to realize hierarchical routing in the large-scale ATM networks.

Beyond the standardized specification, 'ATOMWARE' has employed NEC's proprietary routing algorithm to support wide range of network classes and various quality of services. It can improve network utilization as much as possible.

As one of the top ATM switching system suppliers in the world, NEC has deeply been involved in the ATM Forum and other standardization activities and proposing new schemes and methods there. NEC believes the world's first 'PNNI' implementation of this time is the result of such standardization activities and most-advanced R&D capabilities of the ATM technological field.

NEC's ATM switching system 'ATOMIS Series' has marketed around the world and sold widely. By employing PNNI features for this ATOMIS Series, NEC expects that the sales of ATOMIS Series will be further expanded.

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