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***** For Immediate Use October 30, 1996

NEC announces 16-bit microcontroller with large capacity on-board flash memory

16-bit microcontroller(UPD78F4216)

16-bit microcontroller(MYUPD78F4216)

NEC Corporation will begin sample shipments to Japan and Europe in December, of a new 16-bit microcontroller that will boast a large on-board flash memory capacity of 128Kbytes and random access memory (RAM) of 8Kbytes.

With its large on-board flash and RAM memory capacity, the MYUPD78F4216 offers a perfect solution for the increasing memory needs of PHS (Japan's 'Personal Handyphone System') and cellular telephone products. As the successor to the peripheral capabilities of NEC's 8-bit microcontroller 78K/O series, the MYUPD78F4216 also offers the power to handle audio for consumer devices.

The price for samples will be YEN5,000/unit, with production expected to begin in May, 1997 at a planned 50,000 units per month.

Outlining the main features of the new processor, its large capacity on-board memory will prove especially effective for PHS, cellular telephones and many other devices. By being able to reduce the need for off-chip memory, board size can be reduced together with the number of necessary parts to realize system cost savings, while also extending battery life. Furthermore, thanks to the flash memory, maintenance of the microcontroller's control program is easily achieved.

These added capabilities also extend the possible applications for the MYUPD78F4216 to various consumer devices. The 16-bit microcontroller's, timer, serial interface, A/D, D/A converter and other peripheral capabilities mounted on-board are fully compatible with its highly popular predecessor, the 8-bit 78K/O series. Moreover, due to its 32KHz sub-clock, operational efficiency is guaranteed, together with low power consumption of 5mA (TYP.) at 3V and further reduction in radiation noise over the 78K/O series. Through these capabilities, the MYUPD78F4216 can offer audio and other functions in wide-ranging control applications.

With full upward-compatibility from the 78K/O~78K/ROMA3 series core, the MYUPD78F4216 mounts the 78K/IV CPU, giving it the ability to utilize 1MB linear addressing, and instruction execution speeds of 160 nanoseconds (internal clock speed: 12.5 MHz; operating temperature range of -10~+70CELSIUS; voltage of 5VPLUS-MIN10%)

The MYUPD78F4216Y model employs two lines for communications with multiple devices, and mounts an on-board I2C bus interface for multimaster operations with multiple devices using an I2C bus connection.

On top of its technical features, the MYUPD78F4216 also comes with a complete software development environment. Included, are the in-circuit emulator 'IE-784000-R (main) + IE-784218-R-EM1 (product specific module)', complete with (for structural assembly) the relocatable assembler (RA78K/IV), C-compiler (CC78K/IV) among other development tools.

In addition to plans for the MYUPD78F4216, development of two mass prodcution versions utilizing mask ROM instead of flash memory are now planned. The MYUPD784216 and MYUPD784215 with 128Kbyte mask ROM, and on-board RAM of 8kbytes and 5Kbits respectively, are expected to go into production from July 1997 at volumes of 50,000 units per month.

For Outline of Main specifications ,please see the attachment sheet.


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