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**** For Immediate Use November 18, 1996

NEC Developed Windows(R) CE Based MobilePro

handheld PC MobilePro
handheld PC "MobilePro"

NEC announced today its development of Microsoft(R) Windows(R) CE based handheld PC (HPC) so called "MobilePro". This new product will be sold by NEC Computer Systems Division of Packard Bell NEC, Inc. (Headquarters: Sacramento, CA; Chairman, CEO & President: Beny Alagem; PB-NEC) in the United States starting today.

Since the new "MobilePro" supports Microsoft's new Windows(R) CE operation system which was announced in September this year, it compatibles Windows(R) 95 and yet small and light weight enough to fit into a pocket.

This "MobilePro" is only available in the United States and there is no plan to introduce this model in Japan. For Japanese version of similar product will be considered in the future.

The main features of the two new models are as follows:-

I. Excellent Portability

It only weighs approximately 385g and measures 175(W) x 95 (D) x 26.3 mm. It is small and light enough to put into a pocket. It adopts VR4101, NEC's own MIPS based RISC processors, for added battery-savings, power and functionality allow approximately 30 - 40 hours with two AA batteries.

II. Touch Panel adopted as pointing device

By adopting a touch panel for the pointing device, applications can be easily operated by this simply touch of the panel.

III. Pre-installed Windows(R) CE based Excel and Word

Featuring Microsoft(R) Pocket Excel, and Microsoft(R) Pocket Word which are all data compatible with desktop Excel and Word applications, they can use similar capabilities while away from the office easily.

IV. Access to the Internet

By installing the Microsoft(R) Pocket Internet Explorer which comes as the standard and with a PC Card modem, it can easily access to the internet directly from "MobilePro".

The estimated selling prices of "MobilePro" in the United States are US$499 for "MobilePro 200" (2MB ROM model) and US$649 for "MobilePro 400" (4MB ROM model). PB-NEC is starting to ship "MobilePro" in late November.

The "MobilePro" will be put on display at COMDEX Fall '96 held in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Booth: NEC Electronics, 1882/LVCC)

For Specification of MobilePro, please see the attached sheet.

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