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*****For immediate use April 8, 1997

NEC Releases 32-Bit RISC Single-Chip Microcontrollers Incorporating 3.3-V Flash Memory and Operating at 40 MHz

32-bit RISC single-chip microcontrollers V850E/MS1 series
32-bit RISC single-chip microcontrollers "V850E/MS1 series"

NEC Corporation (NEC) has developed 32-bit RISC single-chip microcontrollers that are aimed specifically at multimedia products such as printers, facsimiles, and digital still cameras that require a means of performing bulk data processing and application of advanced real-time control.

NEC is releasing three models, designated the V850E/MS1 series. Samples will be released in August, 1997, with a total volume production of 500,000 units per month planned for all three models to begin in March, 1998.

The new microcontrollers use the V850E as their CPU core, which was developed for high-end models of the V850 Family. These new micro-controllers:

  • offer the world's highest processor speed (52 MIPS) for a 3.3-V single-chip microcontroller operating at 40 MHz or less;

  • offer a CPU that maintains upward compatibility with the V850 at the object level by incorporating the V850E. The V850E provides a high CPI with an optimized pipeline, a high interrupt response speed, and a high object efficiency with additional instructions. The V850E offers excellent expandability to support future increases in operating frequency and the future incorporation of multimedia engines;

  • offer processing of bulk data such as image and audio data while performing real-time control, thanks to a built-in bus interface for directly connecting EDO DRAM and other memory devices, as well as an internal DMA controller;

  • can support both 5-V and 3.3-V systems and a wide range of applications thanks to their 5-V external interface function; and,

  • offer a model with low voltage, high speed operation on-board flash memory (MICROPD70F3102).


With the recent widespread popularity of personal computers, a notable trend is towards color, high-speed, high-quality, and low-cost printers and peripheral equipment. To keep up with this trend, manufacturers have been demanding inexpensive high-performance micro-controllers that can both process bulk data such as color images, and perform real-time control such as motor control.

Image input devices such as digital still cameras utilize image compression technologies such as JPEG. Middleware processing by high-performance microcontrollers has been attracting a lot of interest. High-performance microcontrollers with low power consumption are thus in great demand.

To satisfy these market demands, NEC has developed its new range of microcontrollers by combining the advanced RISC technologies obtained as a result of developing V800-series products and its know-how relating to single-chip microcontrollers for control applications, such as the popular 78K series. The new 32-bit RISC single-chip microcontrollers are part of the V850 Family that offers both high data processing capability and high-level real-time control capabilities.

NEC will continue to reinforce the V850 Family line by adding ASSP models having internal peripheral functions that are optimized for specific applications. NEC will also provide much more compact products, incorporating the V850E and other products, that also feature very low power consumption. The development of CPU cores that operate at higher frequencies or that include multimedia operation unit expansion functions, will also be planned. The promotion of SOC (system on a chip) for CoreMicro, that uses the V850E as the CPU core, will be actively continued and expanded.

The product names, sample prices, and release schedules are as indicated below:

Product nameUnit priceRelease schedule
Flash memory
MICROPD70F3102YEN4,500 August, 1997 (samples)
Mask ROM
MICROPD703101YEN1,800Code order reception to begin
(For orders in January, 1998 of 10,000
units per lot)
MICROPD703100YEN1,700 October, 1997 (samples)

For Outline of Major Specifications of V850E/MS1 Microcontroller and Major Specifications of the V850E CPU Core and The main features of the new V850E/MS1 series microcontrollers , please see the attached sheet.


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