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*****For immediate use August 28, 1997

NEC to Market Ultra-Low Power Consumption, Low-Noise 32-bit RISC Single-Chip Microcontroller Ideal for Portable Equipment



NEC Corporation (NEC) has developed a new line of 32-bit RISC (reduced instruction set computer) single-chip microcontrollers, called the V850/SA1 family, which will be released in December 1997.

These microcontrollers have been designed for controlling portable applications and are ideal for such devices as camcorders, digital still cameras, PHS terminals, cellular phones, and portable MiniDisk units.

The new product family features:

  • Low power consumption of only 30 mW:

    Operating on 3 V at 17MHz resulting in 19 MIPS performance, the V850/SA1 family uses only 30 mW of power, enabling a drastic reduction in the power consumption of the systems into which they are incorporated. This low power consumption was achieved by using a state-of-the-art 0.35 MICROm CMOS process (for 3 V operation) and through a radical power saving design.

  • V850/SA1-based equipment operation voltages as low as 1.8 V:

    With the low power consumption of the V850/SA1, equipment in which it is used can operate at voltages as low as 1.8 V. This low-voltage operation is achieved by employing a subclock oscillation circuit and providing voltage supply pins for an external bus interface.

  • Housed in 12-mm square plastic FBGA (fine-pitch ball grid array) package:

    Together with its low power consumption, the V850/SA1 comes in a 12-mm square plastic FBGA package that further contributes to a reduction in the size of portable equipment, and is a first step towards using CSPs (chip-scale packages). Of course, a standard 100-pin QFP (Quad Flat Plastic) package version is also available.

Scheduled monthly production for all four types is anticipated to be 100,000 units starting in April of 1998, rising to 500,000 units per month in the second half of 1998.


Battery-operated, portable equipment, such as camcorders portable phones, and communications terminals, require microcontrollers that are frugal with power consumption, produce low noise and run on a low voltage at high speed. The V850/SA1 family will enable smaller equipment designs by allowing smaller batteries and increased functionality, and have an impact on the demand for decreased costs.

Simultaneously, there is demand for a single-chip device that can control the entire system in portable equipment to produce size savings at lower-cost, by reducing the number of parts used in the unit. This can be realized by abandoning conventional multiple-chip designs and incorporating peripheral functions tailored for a given type of equipment.

The new V850/SA1 family satisfy these needs. They are high-performance, low-power consumption 32-bit RISC single-chip microcontrollers of the V850 family, which have been developed by combining the advanced RISC technology of NEC's V800 series, with the know-how obtained from the well-received 78K series of 8-bit and 16-bit single-chip microcontrollers.

NEC plans to add products to the V850 family lineup, that provide internal peripheral functions tailored to individual applications. NEC will also continue to broaden the application field of the products by improving their performance related to basic aspects such as working voltage, clock frequency, and power consumption.

Full product family pricing (for Japan) and availability are as follows:

SPACEWithout I2C BusWith I2C Bus*Release Date
Device with flash
MYUPD70F3017MYUPD703017YSample shipments
from December,
LQFP package5,000 yen / each5,100 yen / eachSPACE
FBGA package6,000 yen / each6,100 yen / eachSPACE
Device with masked
(per 10,000 units)
MYUPD703015MYUPD703015YAcceptance of code
is to begin
February, 1998
LQFP package1,200 yen / each1,300 yen / eachSPACE
FBGA package1,500 yen / each1,600 yen / eachSPACE

For Outline of Major Specifications of the V850/SA1 family and Detailed feature descriptions for the V850/SA1 family:, please see the attached sheet.


*Please note:
The V850/SA1 lineup includes versions incorporating an ROMA2C (inter-IC) bus interface circuit. Upon purchasing NEC ROMA2C bus-compliant devices, customers will be automatically licensed to use these parts in an ROMA2C system according to the ROMA2C patent owned by Philips.
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