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Main specifications of VR4300TM-series

Performance:177 Dhrystone* MIPS @ 133 MHz (internal)
Address/data bus:32/32-bit
Memory space:Physical: 4G bytes
Virtual: 1T bytes
Package:120-pin QFP
  • High speed operation from 133MHz pipe
  • Large on-chip cache I16K + D8K byte
  • 64-bit architecture
  • High speed floating point operation
  • On chip MMU

*The Dhrystone Benchmark is a processor integer test; essentially it is an addition test to see how many times an addition can take place in a set period of time. This benchmark is primarily designed to test CPU performance. It is not designed to test system performance, which includes video, hard drive, and other components. External Cache (L2) may sometimes affect the results of this test.

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