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*****    For Immediate Use March 11, 1998

NEC Launches Mobile Gear II including Color LCD,Large Keyboard and Fast Modem

~ Featuring Windows(R) CE 2.0 (Japanese version) ~

Mobile Gear II MC-R500

Mobile Gear II MC-R500

NEC today announces the launch of its Windows(R) CE 2.0 (Japanese version) based "Mobile Gear II MC-R500" adopting an 8.1-inch color LCD, large keyboard with 16.5 mm key pitch, and 33.6Kbps modem as the latest addition to its "NEC Personal Communicator 'Mobile Gear'" series.

In addition, NEC announces the launch of its "Mobile Gear II MC-R300" that utilizes a 7.3-inch monochrome LCD and offers up to approximately 30 hours use with two AA size alkaline batteries.

Since the introduction of "Mobile Gear" in April 1996, NEC has promoted a new business style outside the office. The new "Mobile Gear II" series is an integration of a large size keyboard and "zero-touch" functions that allow the automatic sending and receiving of e-mail (available in current MC-MK series), and the easy data compatibility with PCs that the Windows(R) CE operating system offers. Through these features, the Mobile Gear II provides a true mobile work environment anywhere, anytime.

The main features of new products are as follows:-

I.Improved operation outside the office environment
Utilizing an 8.1-inch backlight color STN liquid crystal display with 640 x 240 resolution and a 16.5-mm key pitch sized keyboard, same size in current MC-MK series the unit offers a more user-friendly interface for working on the move.

By adopting NEC high-performance VR4111 64-bit RISC microprocessor optimized for low power consumption, the unit offers operating time of up to eight hours. In addition, a fast modem with speed of 33.6 Kbps comes as standard for accessing the Internet with "Pocket Internet Explorer".

II.Enhancement of original mobile communications function
By enhancing NEC's original MG Mail software, use of "zero-touch" functions becomes easier and the user environment has been expanded. Functions such as call back for remote connections to in-house networks, support for MIME files for electronic mail and access for multiple service providers and intranets have also been upgraded.

Also various other new functions such as "MG auto dialer" for automatic dialing, and "MG voice recorder" for recording voice and sound have been added.

III.Integration with the office working environment
Windows(R) CE 2.0 (Japanese version) has been adopted as the operating system for MobileGear II for enabling improved compatibility with Outlook97 / Schedule+ 7.0. Data can be therefore be easily modified outside and shared with office PCs in a Windows(R) operating system environment.

IV. Further functionality for business
With a newly adopted external display connection connector as standard, displays and projectors can be used with "Pocket PowerPoint" for presentations.

Also electronic mail and other materials can be printed directly from the unit. In addition to these new functions, the monochrome model, "MC-R300" can operate for up to approximately 30 hours with two AA size alkaline batteries.

The standard price, shipping date, and unit sales projection for the new products are as follows:-

Model: Standard
MC-R500120,0003/20/9815,000 units
per month

Since August 1997, NEC has promoted its system integration business in the area of SFA (Sales Force Automation), and has integrated new services and products as part of its "SalesForceEmpowermentSolution". NEC's "SalesForceEmpowermentSolution" is a complete solution for supporting all sales activities and work styles based on NEC's own corporateware, "StarOffice".

All of these new models are designed on a "Mobile Computing & Communications" concept and to contribute to improved business work styles.

Commenting on the announcement of these new products, Susumu Furukawa, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Co., Ltd. said, "Microsoft is making effort to expand the Handheld PC market, and I have great expectations for the role NEC will play in this. NEC's product, which is well-suited to the style of mobile computing in Japan, is sure to raise the mantle for Handheld PCs."


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