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*****For immediate use August 24, 1998

NEC 32-bit RISC Single-chip Microcomputer Features High Performance,Ultra-Low Power Consumption, Low Noise and Peripheral Functions

32-bit RISC single-chip microcomputer "V850/SBx"

NEC Corporation (NEC) has completed development of the V850/SB1 [micro](PD70F3033/5/7), a 32-bit RISC single-chip microcomputer (MCU). The new product is a member of the V850 family and the first of a new sub-family characterized by ultra-low power consumption. The main target applications for the new device include use in automotive electrical control and audio-visual products such as televisions and videocassette recorders (VCR). The new microcomputer provides peripheral functions suitable for embedded systems, including on-chip memory, and employs the power and noise reduction techniques of NEC's 78K series.

Microcomputers, which are usually built into devices, have been developing rapidly as they expand their range of applications, with higher CPU speeds, built-in memory, and peripheral functions. The higher performance demands of digital media and the diversification of the human interfaces, have also seen use of microcomputers shift from 8- and 16-bit MCUs, to 32-bit MCUs. Additionally, there is also a move from CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computers) to RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computers) that offers many advantages.

Demand for 32-bit MCUs is expected to increase even more with the approach of the 21st century, as will requirements for lower power consumption and lower noise. It is against this background, that NEC has expanded its 32-bit RISC architecture V800 series, and has developed the V850 family of products as single-chip microcomputers for use as built-in components.

Notable features of the new product family, include:

  • High power/performance ratio of 3.6 mW/MIPS

    By restricting the maximum operating frequency to 20MHz on the main and sub- clocks, and a power-saving design with full power management functions, the V850/SB enables low power consumption/high performance system designs;

  • Thorough low noise design

    Low noise design with built-in regulator circuit and lower internal operating voltage, result in reduction of radiant noise and in reduced system design work and external components for a low noise design;

  • Different Versions

    The new sub-family will support different communication systems for specific applications by integrated controllers for various automotive buses such as the IE bus or J1 850 and CAN;

  • Built-in memory and full memory expansion offered

    The Flash ROM Version offers up to 256 KB of flash EEPROM and 16 KB of RAM built-in, supporting the increase in complex application programs. The mask ROM version is offered in different memory sizes for exacting system requirements;

  • 3- to 5-V I/O interface

    To match applications using either a 3V or 5V supply voltage, the new V850/SB is provided with a 3V to 5V I/O interface for use with all digital I/O pins ;

  • Affinity with the 78K series

    The V850SB incorporates the standard peripheral function macros of the 78K 16-bit microcontroller series, and DMA controller channels for transferring data with low CPU overhead are added by using the core CoreMicro technique that also supports SOC (System On a Chip);

  • Full program development environment

    Due to its high compatibility with other V850 sub families, an integrated environment including a C compiler, debugger, simulator, and realtime OS is available. A small but powerful emulator is already available, and tool chains from third parties will be available soon offering support for PCs and EWSs.

Samples of the V850SB1 are to begin shipping worldwide from December 1998. Volume production of eight versions is scheduled to begin from June 1999, with a fast ramp-up to 500,000 chips per month later in the year.


In the future, NEC will strive to develop ASSP (Application Specific Standard Products) products with built-in peripheral functions optimized for a range of applications, as a line of the V850 family. It will also develop products incorporating a more sophisticated V850E CPU core and offering high performance with ultra-low power consumption/low noise, thus expanding their range of applications. NEC also intends to further promote its SOC (System On a Chip), in offering positive solutions to customers.

For Main specifications of the V850/SBx, please see the attached sheet.


For further product information, please contact:

Microcomputer Engineering Department,
Semiconductor Solution Engineering Division, NEC Corporation
Phone: +81-44-548-7924 (dial-in)
E-mail: v850@saed.tmg.nec.co.jp

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