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Fernando Jose Corbato, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT

Profession:Electrical Engineer and Computer Science Educator
Date of Birth:[space]July 1, 1926
1950California Institute of Technology
1956MIT, awarded Ph.D
Career:1955[from]66[space]Computation Center, MIT
1963Founding member of the Laboratory for Computer Science
1963[from]66Deputy Director, Computation Center, MIT
1963[from]72Head, Computer Systems Research Group of Project MAC
1965[from]Prof., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
1978[from]80Cecil Green Prof. Of Computer Science and Engineering
1993[from]Ford Professor of Engineering
Honors:1966IEEE W.W. McDonnell Award
1980Harry Goode Memorial Award, Am. Fedn. Info. Processing Societies
1982IEEE Computer Pioneer Award, IEEE Computer Society
1990Alan M. Turing Award, Association for Computing Machinery
Works:1963The Compatible Time Sharing System
1963Advanced Computer Programming

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