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The Foundation for C&C Promotion Presents 1998 C&C Prizes

- Recognizes Breakthrough Work in Operating Systems and Blue Light Lasers -

The Foundation for C&C Promotion (a non-profit organization established by NEC Corporation to support technological development) will today present its 1998 C&C Prizes today in a ceremony to be held at Tokyo's Hotel Okura from 3:00pm.

The C&C Prizes have been awarded annually since 1985 to individuals who have distinguished themselves through outstanding contributions to research and development, towards the integration of computers and communications technologies and development of the electronics industry worldwide. Prize winners receive a certificate, a commemorative medal and a cash award of 10 million yen per group. No more than two awards are made each year.

The Group A prize will be awarded to Prof. Fernando J. Corbato of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for his groundbreaking work in establishing the basic concepts of modern operating systems. The operating system is the program that controls and shapes the way a computer runs, and is important also because it sets the standards for application programs that run on the computer. It is a key feature in enabling a computer's functions.

The Group B prize is to be awarded to two researchers, Dr. Isamu Akasaki of Meijo University and Dr. Shuji Nakamura of Nichia Chemical Industries for their pioneering work in the field of blue light lasers. Lasers are commonly used to read and write digital data in storage applications, and blue light lasers are expected to enable data densities five times greater than current infrared lasers.

This year's C&C Prize winners, their citation and profile are as follows:

Group A[space]Prof. Fernando J.[space]
Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA


For Pioneering Contributions to the Establishment of the Basic Concepts of Modern Operating Systems through the Development of the Seminal General Purpose Time-sharing Systems: the CTSS and Multics

Group B[space]Dr.Isamu AkasakiProfessor, Meijo University, Nagoya Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University

Dr. Shuji Nakamura[space] Senior Researcher, R&D Department, Nichia Chemical Industries Ltd.


For Basic and Pioneering Contributions to the Development of High Brightness and Long Lifetime Blue-Light-Emitting Devices using Gallium Nitride-based Compound Semiconductors


The Foundation for C&C Promotion is a non-profit organization established in March 1985, to encourage and support technological study and development toward the integration of computers and communications technologies, that is C&C. The Foundation also promotes the further development of the electronics industry worldwide. It is funded by NEC Corporation.

The Foundation currently has two main activities. It presents the annual C&C Prizes to recognize outstanding contributions to the development of C&C technologies. The prizes are awarded to no more than two groups (each with no more than three members). Candidates are recommended from all over the world. Each prize winner receives a certificate, a medal and a cash award (ten million yen per group as a rule).

In the thirteen years of its existence, the C&C Prize has been awarded to 27 American, 3 British, 1 Hong Konger and 16 Japanese recipients for a total 47 prize winners in 27 groups. The 1997 C&C Prize winners included:

  • Dr. John L. Moll in Group A, cited "For Contributions to the Physics of Semiconductor Devices"; and,

  • Dr. Barry G. Haskell and Dr. Arun N. Netravali "For Pioneering Work in Digital Video Data Compression Technology".

The Foundation also gives grants to researchers in Japan so that they can attend international conferences overseas, and provides research grants to non-Japanese researchers working in Japan. Since its establishment, the Foundation has assisted 834 researchers in Japan to attend conferences and helped to support 124 non-Japanese researchers.


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