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***** For Immediate Use February 26, 1999

NEC Received Supercomputer Order from Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA)

NEC announced today that NEC received the order of SX-5 Series@supercomputers from Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA). The ordered supercomputers are high-end model in single-node configuration, SX-5/16A (CPU:16, peak performance:128 GFLOPS) and its mid-range model, SX-5/8A (CPU:8, peak performance:64GFLOPS).

The ordered supercomputers are scheduled to be installed at Numerical Weather Prediction Division at KMA in Seoul and, each system starts to operate in June, 1999 and June, 2000 respectively. These two SX-5 systems will be connected by high-speed network devices and operated as a single-node system.

KMA was in the process of renewing current supercomputers to fulfill its lack of performance and capacity. The disaster caused by heavy rains in last summer was especially dreadful, and KMA thus decided to buy new supercomputers, exclusively for the meteorological matters, to deal with prompt forecast such as concentrated heavy rains and storms in local area. KMA had made it clear that they would need to operate new supercomputer before the rainy season starts around June and prepare for the anticipated disaster.

Since the first introduction of SX Series supercomputers in 1983, NEC has achieved the total 218 orders in seventeen countries worldwide. There are total of 133 orders for SX-4 which was released in 1995, and 16 orders for SX-5, which was released in June, 1998. Within these 218 orders, there are 22 orders from weather and/or environment-related institutions such as Atmospheric Environment Service of Canada, Instituto Nacional De Pesquis Espaciais (INPE) of Brazil, Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) of Denmark, Czech Hydrometeorogical Institute (CHMI) of Czechoslovakia, Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) of Australia and National Institute of Environmental Studies (NIES) of Japan.

NEC believe that this order is strongly related to this worldwide accomplishment in meteorological and environmental fields and high performance of SX-5 Series verified in benchmark tests. We take this large scale order as a milestone and intend to expand our "SX-Series" business in meteorological and environmental fields and in Asia including Korea.


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