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Search Help

Basic Search Procedures

Advanced Search Procedures

"OR" search
To retrieve documents that contain either of two keywords, type "OR" in capital letters between the keywords. Be sure to leave a space before and after "OR".
"-" search
To ensure that documents containing a particular word are not retrieved, type a minus sign ("-") immediately before the appropriate word in the Search box. Also, minus ("-") search can easily be conducted at the Advanced Search page.
Phrase search
To search for documents containing a particular phrase, type double quotes immediately before the first word and after the last word of the phrase. Also, phrase search can easily be selected at the Advanced Search page.
Link search
To search for documents which contain a link to a common document, type "link:" immediately before the URL of the link.
e.g ""
Site search
To search for documents located on a particular website, type "site:" immediately before the URL of that site.
e.g " printer"
Displaying results
At Advanced Search or on the page displaying search results, you can select the number of results to appear on one page, You can display 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 results per page. The default setting is 10.

Search Tips

When typing keywords

When a search produces very few or no hits

Viewing Results

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